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SBU Lifesciences Summit Brings “Bench-To-Bedside” Scientists With Bioscience Execs, Educators, To Plan Next Generation Medicines

SBU Lifesciences Summit Brings “Bench-To-Bedside” Scientists With Bioscience Execs, Educators, To Plan Next Generation Medicines

One-of-a-Kind National Symposium Promotes Science/Industry Collaboration

, September 15, 2010 – The Center for Biotechnology at Stony Brook University has organized a summit that will bring some of the world’s top bioscience companies together with entrepreneurs and academic innovators to explore the next generation of biomedical solutions that will bring groundbreaking medicines to patients worldwide. The Life Sciences Summit will take place at the Hyatt Regency Long Island in Hauppauge, New York, on September 22-23, 2010.

Approximately 125 speakers will present at the Summit, including sessions led by pharmaceutical company CEOs, venture capitalists, and leading physicians and researchers specializing in areas such as regenerative medicine, the neurosciences, and genetics. The program, developed by the Center for Biotechnology in partnership with Demy-Colton Life Science Advisors, includes expert presentations and interactive symposia centered on how to develop and market the next generation of medicines.

“The two-day format features a national scope of interest and will detail commercially promising breakthrough science, new technologies that could become next generation products, and emerging new companies that may shape the future of human healthcare,” says Diane Fabel, Executive Director, Life Sciences Summit, and Director of Operations, Center for Biotechnolgy at SBU. Fabel adds that the formal program will be augmented by an online partnering system that will allow meeting participants to search for interesting opportunities and schedule meetings with each other throughout the event. 

The luncheon keynote address on September 22 will be delivered by Colin Goddard, Ph.D., former CEO of OSI Pharmaceuticals, and titled “From Bench to Bedside: The Story of OSI Pharmaceuticals.” He will discuss the company’s evolution from start-up through its recent purchase by Astellas for $4 billion, and his personal journey from OSI scientist to chief executive.


 The first day will also include a keynote address by Robert S. Langer, ScD, scientist, pioneer and entrepreneur, and one of the world’s most prolific biomedical inventors. Dr. Langer will discuss the future of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and controlled drug delivery, all of which have the potential to revolutionize human healthcare.

On September 23, the Summit will feature a special session celebrating the “Rock Stars of Science” campaign that seeks to elevate research scientists and doctors to the same cultural status as celebrity rock stars. Its mission is to make funding for biomedical research a national priority, accept nothing less than cures as an outcome, and to recruit the next generation into careers in biomedical research and medicine.

Themed plenary sessions include: “Translational Science – Why is it so important to move academic innovation into therapeutic development and how can we do it better?” and “Working with the Biopharmaceutical Industry: Industry’s changing view of early stage research and new and emerging collaboration models.”

 In addition to presentations and plenary sessions, the Summit will feature diagnostics and therapeutic roundtables, industry relevant workshops, a Partnering Forum, technology showcases and provocative plenary sessions. 

Proceeds from the Summit will help seed a bio-innovation research fund being developed by the Center for Biotechnology to support the discovery, development, translation, and commercialization of the next generation biomedical technologies.  For more on the Summit, see

About the Center for Biotechnology at Stony Brook University

The Center for Biotechnology’s mission is to catalyze the translation of basic biomedical sciences into diagnostic and therapeutic technologies that benefit human health and society, and fuel economic growth.  The Center has contributed to the early-stage development of more than a dozen commercial products and the formation of more than twenty companies, and provides business and technology development services to start-up, biomedical ventures.


About the Life Sciences Summit 2010

The Life Sciences Summit is the only translational science partnering event that brings together established industry, academic innovators, and emerging companies to forge collaborations and explore business opportunities that will accelerate the development and commercialization of next-generation therapies and related technologies.


About Demy-Colton Life Science Advisors

Demy-Colton Life Science Advisors was founded in 2008, by Sara Jane Demy, formerly VP for Business Development and Investor Relations at BIO. Since its establishment Demy-Colton has launched the Biotech Showcase, contributed to the development of the Life Sciences Summit, and conceived and developed Partnering for Cures, now a Milken Institute/FasterCures program

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