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SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share Program Up and Running in Time for Earthstock Celebration

Sbu wolf ride bike share

SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share Program Up and Running in Time for Earthstock Celebration

Sbu wolf ride bike share
Stony Brook University undergraduate students Max Rodriguez (left) and Sakib Ahmed (right) try out the new Wolf Ride Bike Share program on the campus of Stony Brook University.

STONY BROOK, NY, April 18, 2013 – The Office of Sustainability at Stony Brook University has officially launched “SBU Wolf Ride,” a state of the art campus bike share program. The new “Wolf Ride” program replaces Stony Brook’s previous bike share system originally launched in 2011. By partnering with the Public Bike System Corporation, Stony Brook is now able to bring SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share to the entire University community.
Wolf Ride Bike Share provides students, faculty, staff and visitors with a sustainable, healthy transportation alternative operated by the University’s Office of Sustainability. Wolf Ride is a “per ride” bicycle sharing system that provides users with the ability to travel from one University location to another using a zero emissions form of transportation. In addition to environmental advantages, Wolf Ride also serves to limit roadway vehicular congestion and encourages health and physical exercise.
Wolf Ride allows current students to use their SBU ID Cards at solar powered kiosks to gain access to a bike share bike for free for the first 60 minutes. Stony Brook University faculty, staff and visitors may purchase a subscription to Wolf Ride in annual, monthly, weekly and daily terms for the first 60 minutes of each use. The new bikes can be used to travel throughout campus and are intended for travel between two station locations instead of utilizing methods that consume fossil fuels.
“SBU Wolf Ride represents a bike share model that allows different people to use the same bike each day,” said James Ambroise, University Site Manager for Transportation & Parking Operations. “One of our goals is to encourage students, faculty, staff and visitors to consider utilizing more sustainable means to navigate around campus. With the addition of Wolf Ride Bike Share, we believe the system enhances our sustainability profile, provides a greener form of transportation and should lead to a reduction to our University’s carbon footprint.”
All Wolf Ride bikes are durable and have front and rear mounted LED lights, which flash during use in order to increase safety and visibility. Wolf Ride Bike Share is available throughout the year and the system’s status is updated online at or
Wolf Ride solar powered stations are located at the Student Activities Center, South P Lot and at West Apartments I.


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