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SBU Student Named NASEA Employee of the Year


SBU Student Named NASEA Employee of the Year

Carla Kentoffio second NASEA student employee of the year from SBU since 2010

Carla Kentoffio, Stony Brook University, Class of 2013

STONY BROOK, NY, September 4, 2012 — Carla Kentoffio, a senior at Stony Brook University double majoring in psychology and English, was named the “Student Employee of the Year” for New York State by the Northeast Association of Student Employment Administrators (NASEA). She was recognized for her hard work and extraordinary accomplishments as student manager of Student Staffing Resources for the Faculty Student Association (FSA).

“There are so many students who feel that their time spent working on campus is only worth the dollar amount they make for it,” said Kentoffio. “Working hard creates opportunities to meet people who have so much to teach you, and who are great references in the future.” Ms. Kentoffio is the second FSA student employee selected as Employee of the Year by NASEA. In 2010, business major Laura Agudelo was named employee of the year for the entire northeast region.

“Ms. Kentoffio and Ms. Agudelo serve as role models for how student workers can differentiate themselves as invaluable assets to employers in an increasingly tough and competitive job market,” said Karen Clemente, a student employment coordinator at the Stony Brook University Career Center. Clemente added that it is more important than ever for college graduates to seek out and obtain a range of work experiences during their college careers, especially with the evolving job market.

“Success depends on gaining access to opportunities and embracing the right attitude to learn while working,” said Warren Wartell, Director of Administrative Services and Human Resources, FSA, Stony Brook University. “People become more adept by applying the skills they learned in school, at their jobs or their internship experiences to their careers.”

According to Wartell, both Carla and Laura developed career skills that have helped them excel in their positions as student managers. Wartell said that both women have identified new ways of getting things done that are mutually beneficial to the employer and fellow student workers. “They have shown great initiative, enthusiasm and determination in their endeavors,” said Wartell. “They have developed skills which have helped them to become superstar employees.”


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