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NYSCHA Honors SBU Student Health Advisory Committee & Graduate Chair

Satish krishna group

NYSCHA Honors SBU Student Health Advisory Committee & Graduate Chair

Satish krishna group
Krishna Satish, a first-year grad student in the dual degree MPH/MAPP program, was named the NYS College Health Association Outsanding Student of the Year. She is pictured with advisor Kathleen Valerio and VP for Student Affairs Peter Baigent.

STONY BROOK, NY, May 24, 2013 – Stony Brook University student Krishna Satish has been selected to receive the New York State College Health Association (NYSCHA) Outstanding Graduate Student Award (2012-2013) for her efforts leading the Stony Brook University Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) as Graduate Chair. She is recognized for the success of outreach efforts including the coordination of campus dental screenings and oral health information workshops for her peers. Additionally, Stony Brook University SHAC received the Outstanding Student Group Award for promoting health through various screenings and for their vast efforts promoting Tobacco Free SUNY 2014.
Satish, a first-year graduate student in the dual-degree MPH/MAPP program, which is part of Stony Brook University’s Graduate Program in Public Health, was elected to the position of SHAC Graduate Chair in November 2012. She became involved in SHAC during her undergraduate studies (’12) becoming an advocate of health peer education and health promotion. Throughout her tenure, she served in various positions including Undergraduate Co-Chair. In 2011, SHAC received the Outstanding Student Group Award for HIV prevention and outreach efforts on campus.
In her current role, Satish, along with affiliates and advisors, focuses on ways to promote and improve student health on campus. One example is her coordination of a free Dental Health Awareness Fair with the School of Dental Medicine in which more than 100 students received oral screenings from third- and fourth-year dental students. She was also chosen to represent SHAC on this campus’s “Tobacco Free SUNY 2014” advisory committee, a SUNY initiative to have all SUNY campuses tobacco free by January 1, 2014.

Satish krishna individual 1
Satish Krishna

Satish, who expects to receive her graduate degree in May of 2014 and is currently in the process of applying for dental school, has had a number of instrumental roles in advocating for health-related issues on campus. She serves with: “Active Minds,” a student group with the goal of reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues and diseases; the Center for Prevention and Outreach CHOICE (Choosing Healthy Options in the College Environment), a peer education program linked to physical wellness; the Bone Marrow Leadership Team; the Walk for Beauty and more.
NYSCHA Outstanding Student Group

SHAC, NYSCHA’s Outstanding Student Group Award winner for the 2012-2013 school year, is an advisory board comprised of nominated students and campus affiliates from Student Health Services and the Office of Student Affairs. The board gives students the opportunity to advocate for certain policies and make recommendations to ensure quality health services on campus. SHAC members come from various student organizations.
SHAC has been serving Stony Brook University for more than a decade. This year, in addition to continuing their efforts as the student voice in matters of health awareness, they were instrumental in two new health initiatives; the aforementioned Dental Health Awareness Fair and the “Learn to be Tobacco Free” campaign.  SHAC has been assisting with the promotion of tobacco cessation products (at no charge to students through Student Health Services), oral health awareness and through active support of SUNY’s efforts for tobacco-free campus environments.
“It is an honor to advise and support this extraordinary group of students,” said Kathleen Valerio, MS, MCHES, Health Educator and Peer Education Program Coordinator in the Center for Prevention & Outreach at Stony Brook University. “Led by Krishna, these students serve the needs of our campus community on a voluntary basis. It would be extremely difficult to reach and identify students in need of information and support without the continued collaboration, help and support of the more than 100 SHAC student members.”



About the New York State College Health Association

The New York State College Health Association (NYSCHA) is an organization of individuals dedicated to promoting the health, safety and well-being of college students through primary care, mental health services, health counseling, health education, and health promotion activities. NYSCHA also recognizes its role as an advocate for health services and their representatives in areas relating to college health.

About SHAC

Stony Brook University’s Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) has played an integral part in contributing to and enhancing the services provided by the Student Health Service as well as the Center for Prevention and Outreach and the Counseling and Psychological Services Units. For several years, members of SHAC have been actively involved in reviewing the Student Health Fee budget and have recommended programs, services and initiatives that best meet the needs of the student body. SHAC is the primary avenue for student and campus community input into planning, delivery and evaluation of health, counseling and prevention services.

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