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Stony Brook University Utilizing New Tool in Campus Safety

Stony Brook University Utilizing New Tool in Campus Safety

SB Guardian gives students, faculty and staff the ability to alert police instantaneously

STONY BROOK, NY, September 21, 2011 – To further enhance the SB Alert Emergency Notification System provided for all students, faculty and staff associated with the University’s Main, Southampton and Medical Center campuses as well as the Manhattan location, and Research and Development Park, University Police have unveiled “SB Guardian,” a new system that allows members of the Stony Brook University community to utilize their personal mobile phones to instantly contact or alert police of any safety concerns.

“We are excited to be offering SB Guardian to the campus community and we would encourage all students, faculty and staff to sign up and benefit from this new safety program,” said Robert Lenahan, Chief of the Stony Brook University Police Department. 

Emergency blue light phones, with a direct connection to a University Police operator, are currently in more than 140 locations across the campus. SB Guardian brings that same technology to the user’s fingertips essentially becoming a “personal blue light phone.”

SB Guardian functions in two modes: panic and precautionary. In panic mode, users program the Guardian phone number into speed dial which enables police notification with one touch of a button. Precautionary timer mode allows users to set a timer that, if not deactivated by the user, will also alert police.

Once notified through either the panic mode or the precautionary timer, University Police will immediately respond having basic information, such as a personal description and photograph, to assist them in identifying the person in need. “Individuals who enroll will be comforted knowing that if they need help and the SB Guardian alert is activated, University Police Officers will respond to their location faster and with more precious information at their disposal,” added Chief Lenahan. 

Users also have the option of creating a more detailed profile containing vehicle type, emergency contact information, allergies, medications, medical conditions, class schedule (for students) and any other pertinent information that can be helpful to responders.

SB Guardian will work on any mobile device. For users with GPS-enabled phones, SB Guardian indicates the user’s precise location resulting in an even faster response time. Please note that SB Guardian is not an active GPS system that tracks your every move. Users can only be located, and have their information accessed, if an emergency alert is activated. The program is strictly voluntary and all members of the SBU community are encouraged to sign up at no cost. Rest assured that your personal information will be kept confidential, private and secure.

Click here for a video about SB Guardian, here for the home and sign-up page and here for a list of frequently asked questions and answers

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