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Stony Brook University To Host First SAAB Northeastern Regional Conference

Stony Brook University To Host First SAAB Northeastern Regional Conference

STONY BROOK, N.Y., March 9, 2009 — On March 20 – 21, 2009, the Stony Brook University Chapter of the Student African American Brotherhood National Organization (SAAB) will host the first SAAB Northeastern Regional Conference titled “Embracing Excellence: Realizing the Vision of Success,” at the Student Activities Center.  The conference will bring over 250 educators, professionals and students together to explore factors that promote the success of African American and Latino males in education.  This powerful male-oriented conference and bonding experience is open to all who are interested in the persistence and success of males of color, including SAAB and non-SAAB members who are undergraduate and high school students.  The conference workshops and empowerment sessions will be led by SAAB Faculty, a group of educators and administrators from various colleges and universities throughout the United States, business owners, and community leaders.  

    Founded in 1990 at Georgia Southwestern University, SAAB increases the number of African American and Latino men graduating from college by creating a positive peer community based on a spirit of caring.  SAAB members are committed to promoting their academic success, professional development, and personal growth and that of their peers.  SAAB members have a strong commitment to academics, leadership, community service, and brotherhood.  The SAAB Organization is the only comprehensive national effort to promote the success of males of color in education.    

    Today, there are over 100 SAAB chapters throughout the country, including the Stony Brook University Chapter, established in June 2007 as the first chapter in the State University of New York, New York State, and the US northeast.  As an institutional retention and diversity initiative, the Stony Brook SAAB Chapter consists of 17 student leaders, 20 student members, and 6 professional advisors.    “This regional conference puts Stony Brook in a position to have the conversation with our higher education colleagues about ways to enhance the educational and personal experiences of male students of color.  We are delighted to host this unprecedented event,” says Cheryl Chambers, Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs and SAAB Chapter Advisor/Coordinator.   For information about this conference, please the SAAB National website at: or call the National Headquarters at 419-530-3221. 

    For additional information contact Cheryl Chambers, Office of Multicultural Affairs at 

631-632-9968 or E-mail:

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