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Children’s Hospital Hosts Unique College Expo, Empowers Students with Cancer to Continue Their Education

Cody and judy rosato survive the search

Children’s Hospital Hosts Unique College Expo, Empowers Students with Cancer to Continue Their Education

College Expo

Cody Rosato, senior at William Flyod High School, and his mom Judy, speak with one of many college representatives present at the event

STONY BROOK, NY, September 21, 2016 — On Sunday, September 18, The School Intervention & Re-entry Program at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital ran the first of its kind College Workshop and Expo specifically targeted to students with cancer, blood disorders and other chronic health conditions who are transitioning to college.  Over 100 people, including students, their families, guest speakers, college representatives and Project Sunshine volunteers, attended. 

Speakers including Robert Pertusati, Senior Associate Dean of Admissions, Stony Brook University, David Gordon, Executive Director, Living Through Learning Foundation, and Anthony Gallonio, Executive Director, National GRACE Foundation, gave presentations and answered specific questions about what to look during selection process, the availability of special programs and services to meet their medical and educational needs, and strategies to identify financial assistance offered to patients and survivors.

College Expo
Cara Giannillo (left), MS. Ed., Coordinator, School Intervention and Re-entry Program, and Debra Giugliano (right), RN, Director, School Intervention & Re-entry Program, organized the first of its kind College Workshop & Expo for Students with Cancer and Blood Disorders, along with Nicole Gutman (not pictured), MS, Coordinator, School Intervention & Re-entry Program

The workshop, held at the Wang Center at Stony Brook University, sought to guide, inspire, and empower this special population of students and help them realize their academic goals. 

“We are proud to offer this one of a kind college expo,” says Nicole Gutman, MS, Coordinator, The School Intervention & Re-entry Program, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. “Students with cancer and blood disorders have unique needs as they plan for college. In addition to the usual worries of getting into your dream school, leaving home for the first time, and managing finances, these students must also consider things like neurocognitive effects, the availability of special services, proximity to a hospital, their ability to handle a full course load, and special living arrangements. We hope this workshop gave them the information they need to achieve their academic goals.”




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