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Stony Brook Offering Free Screenings for Alzheimer’s Disease

AlzheimersThe Stony Brook Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease is now offering free cognitive screenings for persons aged 55 and over who are concerned about possible decline in their memory and/or other thinking skills. It is the only center on Long Island established by the New York State Department of Health to improve the quality of life for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and their families. One focus is on early screening and detection to catch potential cognitive disorders at the start, to improve health outcomes, and to provide a better opportunity for individuals to plan for their future.
Participants will complete questionnaires and schedule a 30–45-minute visit. Appointments are taking place on Thursday afternoons from 12 pm to 4 pm and are offered at both our Stony Brook University (Putnam Hall) and Commack locations on alternating weeks.

The screening will not provide a diagnosis but may provide information that individuals can use in follow up with their healthcare providers. At the conclusion of the screening, participants will be provided with helpful resources such as a list of local health care providers, education, and information about participating in ongoing research studies at Stony Brook University.

The Center also provides free on-site screenings for community groups. For individual appointments or group on-site screenings, call Stephanie Roncone at (631) 921-8837 or visit

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