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SBU Hospital Coronavirus Patient Triage Moves to South P Lot Testing Facility

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Effective March 24, Stony Brook University Hospital’s coronavirus triage service is located at the South P Lot testing facility on the Stony Brook University campus on the corner of Stony Brook Road and South Drive. The triage area is staffed with board-certified emergency medicine physicians and emergency medicine nurses.

Coronavirus UpdateStony Brook Medicine has also established (631) 638-1320 as a coronavirus triage phone line for the community. Registered nurses are available to answer calls from 8 am to midnight, Monday through Friday. Callers will be evaluated and directed to the appropriate healthcare setting for assistance, as needed.

Where to go to seek care, and when:

  • If you have been advised by your doctor to seek urgent medical care or you require evaluation by a medical professional, please go directly to Stony Brook University Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED).

  • From 11 am to 11 pm, patients driving to the ED entrance will be greeted and screened while in their vehicles. All patients will be evaluated by staff to determine the most appropriate care setting. This may include the main Emergency Department or the SB field ER at Stony Brook University’s South P Lot. The goal of the triage service is to separate patients with cold and flu-like symptoms from others seeking emergent care, in order to provide all patients with a streamlined environment for care and treatment.

  • Patients should not go to the Coronavirus patient triage in the South P Lot unless directed to do so by the Stony Brook Medicine Emergency Department staff.

  • The main ED will remain operational as usual.


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