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Native American Heritage Month Celebration, November 14

Native american heritage month

Stony Brook University will host a Native American Heritage Month Open House with guest chefs Lois Ellen Frank (Kiowa/Sephardic) and Walter Whitewater (Diné-Navajo) on Wednesday, November 14, at 1 pm in the Student Activities Center, Ballroom A. This event is designed to promote, educate and sustain healthy living through Native American food and culture.

The program will open with a proclamation of Native American Heritage Month and recognition of local Chiefs who serve as Heads of State for tribal nations on Long Island. This will be followed by an educational seminar, food tasting and book signing of Chef Frank’s James Beard Award winning cookbook, Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations.

Chef Lois Ellen Frank
Chef Lois Ellen Frank

The event is free and open to the public. For more information or questions, email

About the Chefs

Lois Ellen Frank is a Santa Fe, New Mexico based Native American Chef, a Native foods historian, culinary anthropologist, educator, James Beard Award winning cookbook author, photographer and organic gardener. She is the chef/owner of Red Mesa Cuisine, LLC a catering company specializing in ancestral Native American cuisine with a modern twist.

Chef Walter Whitewater
Chef Walter Whitewater

Walter Whitewater was born in Pinon, Arizona and began cooking as a young boy after seeing people cooking at some of the traditional ceremonies his family attended. He began his professional cooking career in 1992 at restaurants in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He currently works with Chef Lois Ellen Frank at Red Mesa Cuisine. Chef Whitewater remains active in many of his traditional ways at his home in Pinon, Arizona.

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