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Learn How to Project Your Global Public Voice with Naomi Wolf

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Visiting Lecturer Naomi Wolf presents four-part seminar series.
Visiting Lecturer Naomi Wolf presents a four-part seminar series this fall.

Author, social critic and political activist Naomi Wolf, a visiting lecturer in the College of Arts and Sciences at Stony Brook University, will share her experience of engaging the public in thoughtful discourse and contributing one’s expertise in non-academic settings. She is giving a four-part workshop and seminar, “The Public Intellectual,” in the Humanities Building, Room 1006, at 4 pm on the following dates: September 22, October 13, October 26 and November 18.

Academics have deep knowledge connected to many of today’s issues, from pharmaceuticals, race relations and global warming to public health, gender, sexual orientation and gay marriage. In this series, Wolf presents the tools needed to project your voice as a public intellectual.

Tuesday, September 22: What is a Public Intellectual?
Explore how to project a global public voice and why it benefits you to do so. Today, any student, researcher or academic can reach a global non-academic audience, once certain easy-to-learn skills are mastered. Public intellectuals have a long and valued tradition in many countries: hear why you should become a public intellectual and move constituencies to advance your mission, persuade audiences and legislators, or secure your goals.

Tuesday, October 13: The Pitch
This is the DNA of any media outreach. This seminar will help you identify your core message and communicate it winningly in any context.

Monday, October 26: The Op-Ed
Master the art of making your case in a format of 800 words, to run in the pages of major newspapers from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal, or as blogs in such outlets as The Huffington Post, reaching millions.

Wednesday, November 18: Live Presenting
This seminar will provide hands-on coaching in how to share your research, mission or vision in a compelling, dynamic way with live non-academic audiences, and also how to engage with audience members interactively.

This series is presented by the Humanities Institute and the Dean’s Office, College of Arts and Sciences. All are welcome to attend; no registration is required. Refreshments will be served after each session.

Naomi Wolf is the author of eight books, including Vagina: A New Biography and New York Times bestsellers The Beauty Myth, The End of America and Give Me Liberty. She is co-founder of The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, an organization that teaches leadership to young women, and The American Freedom Campaign, a grass roots democracy movement to defend the Constitution and rule of law. She is a frequent blogger on The Huffington Post and writes cultural commentary for The Guardian, The Washington Post and Harper’s Bazaar. Her TV appearances include Larry King Live, Meet the Press, The Joyce Behar Show and The Colbert Report.

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