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Kiran Eiden ’20 Wins Prestigious DOE Fellowship

Kiran Eiden ’20

Kiran Eiden ’20 has been selected as one of only 26 recipients nationwide of a Department of Energy Computation Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF).

Kiran Eiden ’20
Kiran Eiden ’20

The program, established in 1991, trains top leaders in computational science. As part of the program, fellows receive exceptional benefits including a yearly stipend; full payment of university tuition and required fees (during the appointment period); and an annual academic allowance.

“I am so proud of Kiran for putting himself out there by applying for two highly prestigious STEM awards, the DOE CSGF and NSF GRFP,” said Jen Green, External Scholarships and Fellowships Advisor. “He was ultimately selected for both and had the opportunity to choose the one best suited to his goals as a PhD student at UC Berkeley, where he will be heading in the fall.”

Eiden works with the nuclear astrophysics group at Stony Brook on simulating phenomena relating to stars and stellar remnants. His mentors are Michael Zingale, associate professor of physics, and Jeffrey Heinz, professor of linguistics.

Most of his research to date has focused on Type I X-ray bursts, which are thermonuclear explosions on the surfaces of neutron stars. Developing a more complete understanding of X-ray bursts and their neutron star hosts would have implications for astrophysics, nuclear physics, and particle physics. The frameworks and techniques developed for astrophysics simulations can also find applications in other branches of computational science, including those concerned with combustion engines, cosmological evolution, and fluctuating hydrodynamics.

“The CSGF is a fantastic program,” said Matthew Reuter, an assistant professor affiliated with both Applied Mathematics and Statistics and the Institute for Advanced Computational Science. “In addition to financially supporting its fellows, it provides an internship opportunity at a US national laboratory and it maintains an active community of computational scientists who now work in academia, government, and industry. This network has been extremely valuable to me since entering the CSGF program in graduate school, and I look forward to welcoming Kiran into its ranks.”

Eiden is also the recipient of a prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship awarded by the National Science Foundation, as well as a Department of Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Research Award (Fall 2019) and an Undergraduate Recognition Award for Academic Excellence (Spring 2019).

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