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Inspiring Cultural Programs at the Wang Center this Fall

Om lab
Find inner peace in the new Japanese Zen rock garden.

Visit the Charles B. Wang Center, and get inspired by an array of new exhibitions of traditional and contemporary Asian and Asian American art. Walk through the Center’s revitalized outdoor gardens, which now include a Japanese Zen rock garden and three sculptures by Korean American artist Jongil Ma.

The Wang Center’s opening reception of fall cultural programs will be held on Thursday, September 14, from 5 pm to 7 pm in the Zodiac Gallery. This event is free and open to the public; please RSVP here.

Upcoming performances at the Wang Center include Indian classical dance with Nataraja Vandanam: Love Songs to Shiva on October 1, Two Persian Tales: Shadow Puppet Performance with Live Music on October 15, Fairytale: A Creative and Traditional Korean Music Group on December 3, and Chinese New Year Festival on February 18. Visit the website to purchase tickets for these shows.

Click here for the Wang Center’s entire Fall 2017 schedule and find out more about films, lectures, workshops and other programs.

Event Highlights

How a country or culture thinks of and experiences the deep meaning of tea varies greatly.

The Way of Tea in Asia: September 7 to December 10, Skylight Gallery
The Way of Tea in Asia exhibition highlights various tea cultures — touching Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Tibet, Turkey and Saudi Arabia — through a visual display and comparison of distinctive types of tea vessels. Each vessel — unique in terms of material, size, shape and quality — will speak volumes on its origin country’s tea culture and social history.

OM Lab: September 7 to December 10, Zodiac Gallery
OM Lab is a participatory space where you can step into a recording booth and offer up your own chant of an ancient Sanskrit mantra. You will learn about the enduring significance of this sacred syllable and become a part of its storied history by adding your voice to a collective chant.

Fairytale: A Creative and Traditional Korean Music Group: December 3, Wang Center Theatre
Fairytale is a Korean music band that uses a hybrid style to keep traditional music alive while creating music with pure sensibility. Fairytale’s music is inspired by traditional Korean poems and songs, and they are major contributors to the popularization of Korean traditional music. The band promotes a place for traditional music in modern Korean pop culture.

Add your voice to a collective chant in the participatory space of the OM lab.

Simplicity Over Complexity: Long-Term Installation
Brooklyn-based Korean American artist Jongil Ma revives the Wang Center’s outdoor garden with architecturally woven sculptures using varying lengths and types of thin wooden strips, both in their raw state and dyed with color. Three large, site-specific installations balance the positive with the negative, tranquility with tension, and stillness with movement.

Zen Rock Garden: Long-Term Installation
The new Japanese Zen Rock Garden is located on the first floor between Meeting Rooms 101 and 102. The garden was created by Gerard Senese and his wife Hiroko Uraga-Senese as a tribute to the appreciation of Japanese culture. It features symbols of Buddhist paradises with a tortoise islet symbolizing prosperity and a crane islet symbolizing health and good luck.

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