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A Record Eight Intel Finalists Mentored at SBU

Intel 8 1
Intel 8
Finalist Anna Sato with mentors Benjamin Chu (left) and Benjamin Hsiao.

Stony Brook University has mentored a record eight of the 40 high school students chosen as finalists in the prestigious 2012 Intel Science Talent Search, which accounts for 20 percent of the nation’s total. Five of the students are from Long Island, two are from California and one is from Michigan.

The eight Stony Brook-mentored finalists participated in summer research at the University in 2011 through the Simons Summer Research Program (five students), the Garcia Center: Polymers at Engineered Interfaces Summer Research Program (two students) or independently (one student), where they worked in Stony Brook labs under the direction of Stony Brook faculty members and graduate students. Please click here to see photos of the Stony Brook University mentors.

“The vast opportunities provided by our faculty researchers in mentoring budding young scientists exceeds that of any university in the nation,” said Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. “For Stony Brook University to account for 20 percent of the nation’s mentored students is a testament to the quality of research, education and discovery happening at Stony Brook every day.”

The eight students and their Stony Brook University mentors are:

  • Juliana Coraor, Huntington High School, Huntington, NY, who worked with Matthew Dawber in Physics and Astronomy on The Impact of Compressive Misfit Strain on Improper Ferroelectricity in Lead Titanate/Strontium Titanate Super Lattices (Simons Summer Research Program)
  • Rachel Davis, Smithtown HS East, St. James, NY, who worked with Miriam Rafailovich in Materials Science and Engineering on Engineering Biodegradable Flame Retardant Polymers (Garcia Center Summer Research Program)
  • Savina Kim, Commack High School, Commack, NY, who worked with David Talmage in Pharmacological Sciences and Lorna Role in Neurology and Behavior on Cognitive Deficits in Neuropsychiatric Disorders (Simons Summer Research Program)
  • Neil Mehta, Jericho High School, Jericho, NY, who worked with David Talmage in Pharmacological Sciences and Lorna Role in Neurology and Behavior on Co-Restoration of Type III Nrg1 Back Signaling through Depolarization: Implications for Schizophrenia (independent summer research at SBU)
  • Jin Pan, Henry Gunn Sr. HS, Palo Alto, CA, who worked with Bruce Futcher in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology on A Novel Protein Translation Kinetics Model Supports the Ribosomal Pause Theory (Simons Summer Research Program)
  • Anna Sato, Ward Melville High School/*InSTAR, East Setauket, NY, who worked with Benjamin Hsiao and Benjamin Chu in Chemistry on A Novel Adsorptive Filtration Approach for the Removal of Radioactive Isotopes of Iodine and Cesium from Water (Simons Summer Research Program)
  • Nithin Tumma, Port Huron N. HS, Port Huron, MI, who worked with Berhane Ghebrehiwet in Medicine on Elucidating Pathways in Cancer Pathogenesis: Establishment of Interaction Between TGF-b/Ras Pathways and Identification of gC1qR as an Oncoprotein (Simons Summer Research Program)
  • Alissa Zhang, Saratoga HS, Saratoga, CA, who worked with Miriam Rafailovich in Materials Science and Engineering on Molecular Fingerprinting of Glucose with Raman and SERS for Noninvasive Diabetes Monitoring (Garcia Center Summer Research Program)

Two weeks ago it was announced that 30 of the 300 Intel semifinalists nationwide were mentored at Stony Brook University, bringing the total to 358 semifinalists mentored by Stony Brook faculty members since 1997. Additionally, 43 Intel finalists have been mentored at Stony Brook since 1997.

This year’s finalists will head to Washington, DC, on March 8 for a week-long event where they will have an opportunity to compete for a share of $630,000 in awards, with the top winner receiving $100,000 from the Intel Foundation. Students will undergo a rigorous judging process and meet with national leaders. Top winners will be announced at a black-tie gala awards ceremony at the National Building Museum on March 13.

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