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Beyond the Expected Podcast: Mobile Stroke Unit Saving Lives

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Provost Michael Bernstein with Dr. David Fiorella

Beyond the expectedDr. David Fiorella, founder of the Stony Brook Medicine Mobile Stroke Unit, is considered a pioneer in the field of neuro-interventional therapies — advancing new devices and techniques for the treatment of cerebrovascular disease.

He took that pioneering inspiration one step further in 2019 when he and a team of Stony Brook clinicians and colleagues launched the first two Mobile Stroke Units on Long Island. These Mobile Stroke Units enable stroke patients to be triaged and treated in the field, wherever the patient is located. Clinicians can administer IV tPA, a medication that minimizes brain injury, at any remote location and then immediately transport the patient to the closest appropriate care facility, where physicians can initiate further care.

In this episode of “Beyond the Expected,” Michael Bernstein talks to Dr. Fiorella about his trajectory as a vascular brain surgeon and what inspired him to pursue the complex initiative of starting a Mobile Stroke Unit program. You’ll also hear heartwarming stories of patient survival, and learn what this groundbreaking program has meant for Long Island stroke care since it launched in April 2019.

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