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Coronavirus: An Overwhelming Response from the Stony Brook Community

Boxes of donations fill the Charles B. Wang Center

The donation program for Stony Brook University Hospital began on March 20, and it hasn’t slowed down since — thanks to the outpouring of generosity from the Long Island community, as well as nationally and internationally, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boxes of donations fill the Charles B. Wang Center
Boxes of donations stacked in the Charles B. Wang Center are ready for transport to the Hospital.
Joan Dickinson, Director of Stony Brook University Community Relations; Colby Rowe, Stony Brook Medicine Trauma Center Educator and EMS Outreach Coordinator; and Scott LaMarsh, Building Manager for the Charles B. Wang Center, are leading the donation response teams that are speaking with donors, scheduling donations and shipments, receiving and cataloging the materials, and distributing the items. Scheduled donations continue throughout April.
For the period March 20 through April 4, the donation response teams have:
  • 2,200 emails
  • 415 donor calls by phone
  • 140 scheduled appointments for donation drop off
  • 50 shipments of materials
  • 275 video messages
  • 201,959 pieces of PPE
  • 4,793 comfort care items
  • 232 iPads
  • 65 food deliveries
  • Financial contributions — donate to Coronavirus Crisis Challenge
  • PPE donations, including N95 3M 1860 masks and other masks, protective eyewear, goggles, gloves, face shields including 3D-printed frames
  • iPad donations
  • Equipment including ventilators
  • Comfort care items for staff such as food through the SBUH Meal Train, water and beverages; hand lotion, dry shampoo, tissue packs, antibacterial wipes, Chapstick; liquid hand soap (pump jars/bottles preferred), hand sanitizer, Lysol and Clorox wipes; snacks, gum, candy, cough drops; stress balls, fidget spinners, aromatherapy masks; video messages of support
  • Comfort care items for patients such as puzzles, coloring pages and pencils; blank books and pens; socks, earplugs, sleep masks; notebooks, pens, pencils, sharpeners
N95 masks have been distributed to the Hospital healthcare workers.
Approved N95 masks have been distributed to the Hospital healthcare workers.
All N95 masks approved by Stony Brook Medicine have been immediately distributed to the healthcare professionals at Stony Brook University Hospital along with other approved PPE. N95 masks and other PPE are being distributed to our partners at Stony Brook Southampton and Eastern Long Island Hospital to fulfill their requests.
Donations of comfort items, like those shown here at the University's drop-off site, will help to enhance the patient experience at Stony Brook University Hospital.
A variety of comfort items have been donated for the medical staff and patients.
In addition to the overwhelming response from the community, others have been answering the call on campus. The iCreate Lab has assembled hundreds of 3D-printed face shields — 1,600 have been delivered to the Hospital to date — and the Department of Chemistry has produced nearly 100 gallons of hand sanitizer for campus use.

“It’s been great to see the community come together. These donations are more than a great support for the hospital; they empower donors to be part of the solution,” said Joan Dickinson, Stony Brook University Community Relations Director.

To maintain social distancing and safety, appointments are being scheduled for donation drop off. Please contact: Joan Dickinson at or call 631.219.0603 to schedule an appointment.

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  • On March 26th I wrote to a number of former colleagues from my new home in Florida:
    “For the first time in 43 years I am watching from the sidelines as healthcare challenges again present themselves. I have followed with great interest the events in NY and Long Island, including assisting patients from Manhattan who have relocated to the east End and other areas find their care at Stony Brook. It brings back memories of working with you through hurricanes, snow storms, Ebola, and so
    much more – but what stands out is how privileged I was to work with you and how well Stony Brook rose to the occasion as a team and as a leader for the community and the region. My sense is this challenge is considerably greater than anything that we shared, but I know that together you are a great force for good and are inspiring everyone to give their all, as they always do. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stony Brook has always emerged stronger for these challenges, and will yet again.” The work of the staff and leadership of SBM has been an inspiration during this trying time. Reuven Pasternak, MD – CEO SBUH 2012-2017

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