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Caffeine powder banned to anyone under 18 in Suffolk County

News 12

Suffolk County lawmakers approved a ban on powdered caffeine Tuesday.
Lawmakers call the substance downright dangerous for teens. According to the FDA, a single teaspoon of the powdered pure caffeine is equivalent of at least 25 cups of coffee.
Dr. William Lawson says the powder can have side effects like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Stony Brook University unveils new arena


The new 4,000-seat Stony Brook Arena, home to Stony Brook men’s and women’s basketball teams, opened on Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. The new arena will deliver the ultimate fan experience, including Seawolves basketball action, concerts and the best in family friendly entertainment.

Journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to lecture at Stony Brook


Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, whose investigative reporting helped bring down the Nixon presidency, will lecture together at Stony Brook University on Oct. 16.

Ebola is here in the United States

Fox and Friends

Dr. Hymes talks about Ebola

Families Eager For Suffolk County’s First Children’s Hospital

CBS News

In Stony Brook, bulldozers rumble up and down the slopes of a huge pit that will one day house the 10-story, 120-bed Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. The new medical facility will be able to treat critically ill kids facing long hospital stays.

Free 9-11 Clinic

News 12

You can’t helped but be moved and changed by those stories Dr Benjamin Luft of Stony Brook University created a free clinic for first responders from li following 9-11 the clinic has grown tremendously- unfortunately- because it really reflects the needs out there.

Scientists can now see what cocaine does to your brain’s blood flow

PBS News Hour

Researchers unveiled a breakthrough imaging technique Thursday that show what blood flow in the brain looks like on cocaine.

Ban Electronics in Kids’ Bedrooms, Expert Says


Electronic devices can keep kids up at night and should be banned from the bedroom, according to experts from Stony Brook Children’s Hospital in New York.

So You’re Not a Physicist …

New York Times

Robert P. Crease and Alfred Scharff Goldhaber are professors of philosophy and physics, respectively, at Stony Brook University. They are the authors of the forthcoming book "The Quantum Moment: How Planck, Bohr, Einstein and Heisenberg Taught Us to Love Uncertainty."


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