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Few, if any, treatments exist for many contagious diseases


"We need to spend time studying emergent infections with an eye toward developing antimicrobial medications and vaccines," said Dr. Janet Hearing, an associate professor of molecular genetics and microbiology at Stony Brook University’s School of Medicine.

Toxic Rust Tide Hits Long Island’s East End At The Height Of Summer Tourist Season


Professor Christopher Gobler and his Stony Brook University Students at the School of Marine Sciences detected some of the highest densities in a decade.

Business Junk Food Lovers In Suffolk County Fight For Their Right To Chow Down On Fatty Foods


Imam Marghoob, a registered dietician at Stony Brook University, said that studies have shown a growing demand and need for dietary change.

Stony Brook University adds more electric vehicle charging stations


Stony Brook University installed six new charging stations for electric vehicles to its main campus this summer, bringing the number of stations to 10.

First Date Conversations: 5 Things Research Says You Should Talk About

Time Magazine

Arthur Aron, a psychologist at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, is interested in how people form romantic relationships, and he’s come up with an ingenious way of taking men and women who have never met before and making them feel close to one another

Stony Brook University breaks ground on new dorm

Times Beacon Record

Stony Brook University broke ground recently on the first phase of the new 759-room student housing facility and 60,000-square-foot dining center on John S. Toll Drive, between the Charles B. Wang Center and Mendelsohn Quad.

Stony Brook University Program Gets Paralyzed Patients Out Of Wheelchairs

CBS New York

Jackie Colby is part of the "Empower Spinal Cord Injury" program at Stony Brook University that brings activities as sports back into the lives of those with spinal cord injuries. As CBS 2 reported, the program gives participants the opportunity to surf, kayak, cycle and dance.

Should we be concerned about Ebola in US?

Fox News

Dr. Saul Hymes MD talks to Fox News crew about Ebola in the United States.

What every woman should know about placenta previa

Fox News

One out of 200 pregnancies are affected by placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta covers part or all of the opening of the cervix , according to Dr. James Bernasko, an OB/GYN in the division of maternal-fetal medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York.

Stony Brook U Teaching Students to Find Film Financiers

New York Post

A new university film program with New York’s Killer Films is teaching students how to find financiers and make money in the movie biz.
Christine Vachon, the indie producer of close to 80 films (including award-winning "Boys Don’t Cry") and co-president of Killer Content, parent of Killer Films, has teamed up with the Stony Brook University.

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