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Soledad O’Brien and Eric Holder Speak at Stony Brook University Commencement

New York Post/"Page Six"

Soledad O’Brien, Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at Stony Brook’s 56th commencement on Friday.

The right workflow for medical models

3D Printing Industry

There is one major issue that a new paper by James Shin of Stony Brook University and Jacob Kaufman of the University of Neurology addresses. We need models, not scans.

What made Morley Safer great: Understanding the ’60 Minutes’ legend’s unique talent

New York Daily News

Steve Reiner is an associate professor in the School of Journalism at Stony Brook University on Long Island and writes, "Morley Safer would not have been sentimental about his death this week."

Stony Brook University 2016 commencement


Stony Brook University held its 56th commencement Friday at the school’s campus in Stony Brook.

Thanks for All Those Minutes, Morley Safer

Next Avenue

Steven Reiner, an associate professor of journalism at Stony Brook University, worked with Safer at 60 Minutes for more than a decade beginning in 1996 on profiles of the late neurologist, author Oliver Sacks and conductor Michael Tilson-Thomas, and traveling with him to the kingdom of Bhutan, thought to be the happiest place on Earth. What stands out, Reiner says, is Morley’s "inimitable persona, his style, his affect, his extraordinarily quirky, unpredictable and brilliant wit, his sense of the absurd, playfulness, irony. He was a wonderful artist, pen and ink. Morley had a lot of passions — racecar driving in the country — a very full and rich life outside of 60 Minutes. I don’t think 60 Minutes ever became his identity per se the way it was for others. But the great irony is he survived Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley, Bob Simon and founding executive producer Don Hewitt."

124 Stony Brook grads become MDs


Stony Brook University School of Medicine held their commencement exercises on Thursday, May 19, 2016 in which 124 graduates received their doctorates, along with the right to add the letters "MD" to the end of their names.

Top NY education officials push for teacher training reforms


Dorit Kaufman, director of the professional education program at Stony Brook University, applauded the report for addressing the need to add diversity in its recruitment of teachers and create more student-teaching experiences for those going into the profession. "It’s a visionary report," she said.

Could Implanted Balloons Help You Lose Weight? Could Implanted Balloons Help You Lose Weight?


Dr. Aurora Pryor did the procedure at Stony Brook University Hospital and says the balloons are for people like Rodriguez who are trying to lose 30 to 50 pounds. At the same time, patients undergo a rigorous dietary program with nutritionists.

Stony Brook University offers all-gender restrooms to students

Times Beacon Record

Stony Brook University is steps ahead of the nation on its public restroom policies. Last week, U.S. President Barack Obama required all public schools to provide restroom facilities for all students, including those who identify as transgender. But at Stony Brook, plans are already in place to accommodate students of any identification, making it the first school in the SUNY system to offer up all-gender restrooms and changing rooms.

If You Could Erase Your Memory, Would You? It Might Be a Possibility


Well, this idea may no longer be fiction. Researchers at Stony Brook University have begun experimenting with the brains of mice and have found the procedure could work on humans.

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