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Kidney Swap Gives Long Island Woman New Lease On Life


In a first for Long Island, a multi-state swap of kidneys has helped transform three lives in three states. As CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported Monday, it all began last Tuesday in Suffolk County.

Stony Brook returns to a warm welcome


For one last time during a special basketball season, Stony Brook’s players were treated to chants of "S-B-U" by a sea of red.

Trump’s chances of beating Clinton fall to 87% from 97%

Fox Business

Stony Brook University Professor Helmut Norpoth predicts Donald Trump’s chances of defeating former Secretary Hillary Clinton in the general election.

SeaWorld should retire orcas


Ecologist and author Carl Safina writes,"SeaWorld is evolving. Responding to public pressure, SeaWorld is no longer doing big flashy killer whale shows at its San Diego facility. And it has just announced that it will no longer breed killer whales, often called orcas, in captivity."

Stony Brook’s 3-state kidney swap a 1st for LI, doctor says


An East Islip couple and the kidney transplant team at Stony Brook University Hospital have participated in Long Island’s first multi-medical center kidney swap, an exchange that involved coordinated surgeries, couriers and jet flights crisscrossing three states. "This is the first time we have done this and it is a first Long Island," said Dr. Frank Darras, lead transplant surgeon, who hand-carried a packed-and-ready-to-ship kidney Tuesday afternoon. He handed it to a courier who rushed it to a flight leaving Long Island MacArthur Airport for St. Louis.

Why Obama Nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court

New York Times

In the face of Republican opposition to a Supreme
Court nomination, President Obama needed a candidate
who had support from Republicans in the past but who
would still move the court in a progressive direction.

At Stony Brook, team and fan help each other cope with loss

USA Today/AP

There were one, maybe two, home basketball games at Stony Brook that Chemistry Professor Richard Solo missed in the past four seasons, even as he coped with cancer treatment. He was confident this would be the Seawolves’ year…Solo was right, but he was not around to see it. He died from colon cancer on Nov. 27 at the age of 79, the day before the Seawolves’ first home game.

Does shark skin really reduce drag? Not so fast, study says

Los Angeles Times

A Stony Brook University-led research team has discovered that the design of sharkskin may actually slow sharks down, further fueling the debate about sharkskin and swimming speed.

Sendoff Rally Held as Stony Brook Makes First Appearance in NCAA Tournament


Long Island campus was swept up in March Madness Tuesday, as Stony Brook University gets ready for its first trip to the NCAA tournament. A sendoff rally was held for the Seawolves, the 13th seed in the Eastern Regional, who will head to Des Moines for a Thursday game against 4th-seeded Kentucky.

Tiny Dancers: With Warney, Stony Brook can win in the NCAA tourney

CBS Sports

Stony Brook has finally done it. For the first time in program history, the Seawolves are going to the NCAA Tournament. And they can thank one of the best all-around players in college basketball, Jameel Warney, for the trip. The SBU senior had the best game of his life on Sunday, scoring 43 points, grabbing 10 rebounds and swatting four shots.

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