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What Causes GI Problems in Autism

Interactive Autism Network

Children with autism have more gastrointestinal (GI) problems than other kids, according to many studies, but why?

How to get kids to eat vegetables, fruits


"That’s the single biggest battleground between parent and child concerning eating at 2 years old — vegetables," says Suzette Smookler, director of clinical nutrition at Stony Brook Medicine.

13 Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Go On An Adventure With Your Partner This Year


Not only is exploring a new place together super exciting on its own, but on a deeper level, you also learn tons about each other and your vibe as a couple along the way.

Researchers finding ways to build diets for individual needs

Fox News

Dr. Joshua Miller from Stony Brook Medicine reports on personalized nutrition based on the prediction of glycemic responses.

LI mom grateful for baby with healthy appetite on Thanksgiving


Baby Benjamin isn’t ready for turkey on his first Thanksgiving, but he’s got a hearty appetite.

Ancient Dental Records Suggest Nectar-Drinking Bat Was Actually Omnivorous

Nature World News

Fossil teeth can reveal an ancient species’ deepest, darkest secrets. In a recent study, researchers from Stony Brook University used a single fossilized molar to reveal that the oldest known nectar-drinking bat, scientifically known as Palynephyllum antimaster, was probably omnivorous.

These Science Students Learn to Think on Their Feet

"Science Friday"/NPR

Science students at New York’s Stony Brook University have an unusual offering on the class roster: "JRN 503: Improvisation for Scientists."

Tapping Into the Helper High: Tips on Feeding Your Trainer’s Helper Habit

Huffington Post

Ideally when individuals are other-concerned in their activities, one of the unintended side effects is that they show elevations in their own happiness and energy level, said Stephen Post, an expert on the topic who teaches in the medical school at Stony Brook University.

Don’t Let Reflux Ruin Your Thanksgiving

U.S. News and World Report

Thanksgiving can be challenging if you suffer from heartburn, but there are a number of things you can do to have a more pleasant holiday, an expert says.

Best places to live on Long Island if you want a green home


If you’ve decided the time is right to get serious about going green, you’re in good company: Converging forces in the three years since superstorm Sandy have prompted many Long Islanders to reach the same conclusion.

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