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Cops helps surgeon reattach LI man’s hand

New York Post

Bilal Hussein, 24, got his mitt stuck in an industrial meat grinder — and three cops joined a plastic surgeon in the operating room to help save most of his meat-man’s fingers….Dr. Alex Dagum, chief of plastic surgery, was able to reattach Hussein’s thumb and mend the rest of his mangled hand except his index finger.

Memory Manipulation Makes Mice Forget Bad Experiences


Imagine being able to erase bad memories or amplify ones that might be fading. In a new study that is reminiscent of the film Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, scientists at Stony Brook University in New York have found a way to strengthen, weaken or even erase memories by modifying signals in the brain.

Abandoned fishing nets: The irony of the sea that keeps on catching (and killing)

National Geographic

Carl Safina writes, "On the reef system off Makronisos, as in other many heavily fished regions of the seas, abandoned fishing nets have created a huge problem called "ghost fishing." It’s a somewhat ironic, yet serious, threat: fishing nets that continue to catch sea creatures long after fishers purposefully discard or accidentally lose their gear and sail away."

Aging and Stereotyping

Psychology Today

Most people hope to live long lives, yet American culture is filled with negative images of getting older. Older adulthood is thought of as a time marked by deteriorating health, poor memory, low levels of activity, loneliness, and a sense of uselessness.

Colleges Help the Faculty Adapt Teaching for Foreign Students

Chronicle of Higher Education

In seminars or discussion-heavy courses, let students know about topics that may be covered ahead of class, says Jun Liu, vice provost for global affairs at Stony Brook University, part of the State University of New York system. That can give non-native English speakers time to prepare and boost their confidence.

Stony Brook Southampton Campus Shifts Focus

Southampton Press

Roughly six years after massive budget cuts forced Stony Brook University officials to pull most of its academic courses from its Southampton campus, Stony Brook Southampton is in the middle of a resurgence, and is now being re-branded as a center for graduate studies.

5 Incubators, 40 Startups, One Big Showcase

Innovate LI

Stony Brook University’s vast business-development ecosystem will take a bow, and enjoy a healthy dose of self-promotion, during the university’s first-ever Business Incubator Showcase.

Is Swaziland Selling Live Elephants and Rhino Horns Simply for Profit?

Huffington Post

Carl Safina writes, "Back in February when Swaziland sold 17 formerly free-living African elephants to three U.S. zoos (Dallas, Omaha and Wichita), I made a phone call to the president of one of the United States’ better zoos–a zoo not involved in this deal–asking if he thought it was OK to still be catching wild elephants for zoos."

‘Docs Who Rock’ battle to raise funds for patients


The second annual Battle of the Bands was held at 89 North Music Venue in Patchogue on Sunday, May 1, 2016, to benefit bone marrow transplant patients at Stony Brook Hospital. The bands are made up of doctors, administrators and CEOs of area hospitals who say they love to have fun on stage and give to a worthy charity–though they freely admit they won’t be quitting their day jobs.

Stony Brook students blow off pre-exam stress in Roth Pond Regatta


About 3,000 Stony Brook University students looking to blow off pre-exam stress attended the annual Roth Pond Regatta on April 29, 2016. The event, which is a campuswide tradition, featured 100 boats competing in heats of four at a time, each vying to make it across the 200-yard pond first. The winners of the heats then competed for the championship.

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