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Vigil Planned For 4 Women Killed In Long Island Limo Crash


Many of the families spent days and nights at Stony Brook University Medical Center, after their critically injured daughters were airlifted from the accident scene. "It is never easy to get multiple casualties at once, however we have a system here designed to handle that. We have back up, and Stony Brook truly works as a team," Chief of Trauma, Dr. James Vosswinkel said.

Last beam placed on Stony Brook Children’s Hospital

Long Island Business News

The first construction phase of Stony Brook’s Children’s Hospital concluded on Friday when a "baby" crane place the final steel beam onto the building, accompanied by a "topping off" ceremony. Through the use of a crane machine, the act was intended as a pun on the old story about where babies come from, in which a stork – a bird similar to a crane – drops babies off at the hospital.

How realistic is TNT’s ‘Proof’? Ask a real-life near-death researcher

Washington Post

Sam Parnia, who has done similar work at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, tried to test the phenomenon by placing specific images on the ceilings of operating rooms to see if patients resuscitated after full cardiac arrest could recall them — part of a long-term study at 15 hospitals in the United States, United Kingdom and Austria. Getting sufficient data was challenging, he acknowledged. "Most people who die don’t come back, only about 10 percent," he said, and those that do generally suffer memory loss. Still, about 1.5 percent of surviving patients in the study, he said, had "explicit recall" of events going on in the room that they shouldn’t have been aware of.

Life on Earth began with ‘hiccups’: Reproduction started slowly in primordial soup rather than with a bang

London Daily Mail

Dr Sergei Maslov, a computational biologist at Brookhaven and Stony Brook University, said their model fits into the current theories for an RNA world, where life started from self-replicating RNA molecules that eventually gave rise to DNA and proteins

Noah Smith: Best tool to fight poverty also encourages work

Commercial Appeal

Noah Smith is an assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University. He wrote this for Bloomberg View. He writes, "Economists have been debating this for centuries, and the debate isn’t about to end soon. But one solution in the U.S. has stood out in recent decades as the most efficient method: the earned income tax credit, or EITC."

Uncle Sam wants YOU to read ‘popular’ scholarly books

Washington Post

If all goes as planned, there’s a fascinating book about Diderot in your future — and one about the history of photographic detection and another one about the economics of addiction. James Rubin, State University of New York, Stony Brook, N.Y., "Why Monet Matters, or Meanings Among the Lily Pads," received $50,400.

Stony Brook School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy Times

Stony Brook’s pharmacy school is still pending, but prospective students may want to keep an eye on this option for 2017.

Impress Campus Tour Guides With These Questions

U.S. News and World Report

Practical questions, such as asking about the hours for the dining halls and libraries, tend to be very popular among students, says Judith Berhannan, dean of admissions at Stony Brook University–SUNY. But in her opinion, students would be better served by asking about how to get involved on campus. "Being an engaged and active student is one of the key things that will add to their success and satisfaction," she says.

Stony Brook Cancer Center on QVC’s Super Saturday


QVC’s Super Saturday fundraiser for gynecological cancers visits Stony Brook Cancer Center and interviews survivors/mentors.

SBU Researchers Win Health Grants

Innovate LI

Three Stony Brook Medicine researchers have received financial backing from the SUNY Health Network of Excellence.

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