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Stony Brook University among 19 early warning weather detection system sites, officials say


Stony Brook University is among the first 19 sites named in New York State’s new early warning weather detection system, state officials said Monday.

Turkey’s Tuz Gola Lake Turns Red Because of Toxic Algae Bloom

Weather Channel

"Because the lake is losing water, the salinity is getting higher and higher, which kills off a lot of the plankton that normally eat this red algae," Stony Brook University marine ecology research professor Dr. Christopher Gobler told ABC News. "So now, the algae is thriving and will probably red until the lake fully evaporates, probably next month during the peak of summer heat."

Salt Lake in Turkey Turns Red Because of Algae Bloom

ABC News

A popular salt lake in Turkey recently turned a deep red color thanks to an enormous bloom of Dunaliella salinas algae. Saline lake Tuz Gola, the second-largest lake in Turkey, is slowly evaporating amid the summer heat, according to Stony Brook University marine ecology research professor Dr. Christopher Gobler.

Funding will help SUNY students develop energy, conservation research projects

Legislative Gazette

Development of the technology will be undertaken in a collaboration by Stony Brook University, the University at Buffalo, and Buffalo State College, The research team was awarded $135,000 to do so. The goal is to create a smart grid which will reliably and dynamically change under variable conditions in the weather.

Suffolk police officers help deliver baby in Medford


Officers James Caporale and Paul Rocchio assist mother in delivering healthy baby girl at home. Mother and daughter taken to Stony Brook University Hospital.

Craving Iranian Caviar? Better Find Something to Tide You Over

NBC News

"There are 27 species of sturgeon and their close relative, the paddlefish, and… all these species are in trouble," said Ellen Pikitch, a Pew Fellow in marine conservation and a professor at Stony Brook University. "They’re extremely susceptible to overfishing." (American paddlefish caviar is still legal and available, although conservationists have raised alarms about the sustainability of the practice.)

Actor and Science Advocate Alan Alda

NPR/Diane Rehm Show

Actor Alan Alda talks about how he is using acting improvisation training and other techniques to help academics and researchers engage the public.

Fort Pond Algae Possible Culprit in Dogs’ Illness

East Hampton Star

Christopher Gobler of Stony Brook University, who heads a water-quality testing program for waterways under jurisdiction of the East Hampton Town Trustees, wrote to town, Suffolk County, and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officials on July 8 to report on an inquiry from the county’s Department of Health Services. Fort Pond, like other waterways in Montauk, is not under trustee jurisdiction.

Actor Alan Alda adds science professor to his list of slashes

Washington Post

Alan Alda, who was in town Wednesday night to give a lecture at the National Academy of Sciences helped found the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. The actor slash director slash professor wants to teach all the smarties in the world how to explain their work to the rest of us.

20th Annual Stony Brook Film Festival

Dan's Papers

The 20th anniversary season of the Stony Brook Film Festival at the Stall Center’s Main Stage Theatre runs from July 16-25. The festival includes American Independent premieres as well as films from Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, Greece, Egypt, France, Canada, Iran, Belgium, England, Morocco and Algeria. Many cast and crew from many screening films will be on hand for Q&A before and after the films. Here’s a peek at this weekend’s line

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