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Distracted-driving simulator teaches valuable lessons to save lives


Hosted by Stony Brook University, teenage students learn the dangers of using a mobile device behind the wheel at Mastic Beach school.

Glorious moms of the animal kingdom


Carl Safina holds the Endowed Chair for Nature and Humanity at Stony Brook University, where he runs The Safina Center. This piece is adapted from his upcoming book, "Beyond Words; What Animals Think and Feel," which will be published by Henry Holt Co. in July. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

Needleless vaccine patch offers pain-free way to protect against disease

Fox News

Kasia Sawicka’s journey to her invention started when she was an undergraduate at Stony Brook University in New York. She is a triple graduate of the university; in five years, she earned her undergraduate degree in engineering and chemistry and her master’s degree in chemistry, researching material science and engineering. In 2014, she completed her doctorate in biomedical engineering, and went on to work on clinical studies for burn treatments. Sawicka was recently offered a faculty position at her alma mater.

In Gluten-free Baking, Still Room for Innovation

Innovate LI

The Kellys have closed the brick-and-mortar bakery to focus on distributing Michelle’s gluten- and dairy-free cookies via the Internet. Incorporated as Cooking With Chef Michelle and doing business as Ms. Michelle’s, the Patchogue-based company is renting space at Stony Brook University’s Calverton Business Incubator – primarily to "gauge how much space we’ll need to lease or buy in the future," Michelle noted – and will flip the switch June 1 on a new website cooked up by Mineola’s Bowen Media.

National Nurses’ Day: Nurses Who Made the News

ABC News

Cupid’ Nurses: Stony Brook University Hospital nurse Maggie Knight noticed that one of her patients seemed depressed, so she decided to orchestrate a date night in his hospital room complete with food from the couple’s favorite restaurant, music and decorations. Watching her patient light up brought tears to her eyes, she told ABC News at the time.

Community members march alongside ALS patients who trek across Long Island for a cure


Stony Brook University athletes march alongside ALS patients to support ALS research.

Stony Brook holds 26th annual Roth Pond Regatta


Stony Brook holds 26th annual Roth Pond Regatta

Sue Ontiveros: Sometimes 60 is not the new 40

Chicago Sun Times

It seems population researchers from Stony Brook University and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis have been studying age measurements. They’ve determined that long-held beliefs about what constitutes old don’t hold up these days. We’re living longer, for one thing. That longevity means that instead of 60 being old, it’s now more like middle age, according to an article in the scientific journal PLOS ONE. What once was considered middle age -45 to 65 – should be pushed back and expanded, the researchers say.

Asian-American Heritage celebration at Stony Brook


Watch dances, hear music and enjoy the culture of China, India, Japan, Korea and more, at the Wang Center at Stony Brook University May 9.

Help Wanted on Long Island: Tick Expert


Infectious disease expert Dr. Susan Donelan of Stony Brook University Hospital sees tick-borne illnesses increase this time of year as ticks begin their assault. And not even the cold, snowy winter has slowed the bugs.
"The ticks hide in piles of leaves and the snow actually provides insulation until the ticks can head out for their first feeding in spring," Donelan said.

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