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Stony Brook is first SUNY school to offer transgender restrooms, changing rooms


But at least one university on Long Island already has that covered. One has urinals; the other, traditional toilets, but both of these multi-stall bathrooms at Stony Brook University are open for anyone to use regardless of their gender identity.

Stony Brook’s Molly Frame follows blood flow from head to shoulders, knees and toes

Times Beacon Record

Molly Frame, a SUNY distinguished service professor in biomedical engineering at Stony Brook University has been intrigued by how the blood flows through her body ever since she read her mother’s nursing anatomy and physiology textbooks in seventh grade. In her research, which she has conducted at Stony Brook since 2002, Frame is seeking to understand the localized signals that can open or close an arteriole

What 5 Nurses Keep in Their Medicine Chests


Andrea Kabacinski, associate director of nursing neurosciences, Stony Brook Medicine: What’s in her medicine cabinet: Bacitracin and ibuprofen says, "I have Bacitracin which is handy for treating any cuts, burns or scratches in the skin. If you apply it right away it will prevent an infection from starting. Also important if you have kids because they have so many cuts and scrapes.
I also have ibuprofen handy which is a great catch all to treat pain, fever, or inflammation. I never travel without it. It is a must for every bathroom medicine cabinet."

Disabling Falls Don’t Have to Happen


It’s crucial for seniors to get medical care after a fall, said Dr. James Vosswinkel, chief of trauma, emergency surgery and surgical critical care at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. "Older adults who suffer a serious fall have much better chances of survival and overall better health outcomes if they are treated at a trauma center where specialized surgeons are available," he said in a hospital news release.

Would you erase your ex? Researchers discover how to tweak neurons in mice to boost or delete individual memories

London Daily Mail

‘Memories of emotionally charged experiences are particularly strong, whether positive or negative experiences, and the goal of our research is to determine the mechanisms underlying the strengthening of memory,’ said Lorna Role, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurobiology and Behaviour and Co-Director of the Neurosciences Institute at Stony Brook Medicine.

NY man who won $1M lottery for 2nd time: ‘This is impossible’

Fox News

The probability of winning twice is "astronomical," and likely more than one in a billion chance, said Eugene Feinberg, a distinguished professor of applied mathematics and statistics at Stony Brook University. But, he said, calculating a precise number is difficult because the probability of winning increases every time you buy more tickets.

LI scientists erase bad memories in mice; boost good ones


Long Island scientists have found a way to manipulate specific populations of brain cells, allowing them to erase bad memories and amplify good ones…"One of the really wild and crazy out-of-the box outcomes, I hope, would be to reverse or ameliorate the rate of decline in diseases like Alzheimers and others that have a memory decline component, like Parkinson’s," said lead investigator Dr. Lorna Role, who chairs the department of neurobiology and is co-director of the university’s Neurosciences Institute.

Australian researchers say they’ve found the world’s oldest hatchet

Washington Post

But the singularity of the specimen in this study is why some experts have doubts about its significance. "The evidence is essentially one flake," said John Shea, a Stony Brook University archaeologist not involved with the research, to the BBC. "They would make a stronger case if they could show that similar chips with edge abrasion occurred at a greater number of sites."

Scientists Test a Way to Erase Scary Memories


"Memories of emotionally charged experiences are particularly strong, whether positive or negative experiences, and the goal of our research is to determine the mechanisms underlying the strengthening of memory," says Lorna Role, professor of neurobiology and behavior at Stony Brook University.

College Admissions: The Top 7 STEM Summer Programs

Huffington Post

Summer is quickly approaching, and you have no concrete plans yet. Should you take classes at a local community college? Volunteer at a hospital? Build houses in Kenya?

Stony Brook University: Simons Summer Research Program
Application Deadline: January 20, 2016
This summer research program at Stony Brook University offers hands-on research in science, math, or engineering for high school students between their junior and senior years.

The selection process for Simons is very competitive – the acceptance rate is around 12%. Although prior research experience is not required, the application is time-intensive and requires essays and a school nomination. Unlike most summer applications, you will need to seek nomination from your high school from this program. Each high school may only nominate a maximum of three students per school, which helps ensure that you are one of the top candidates from your high school.

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