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Watt: Time to be thinking bigger and bolder

Long Island Business News

Long Island made its bones with big ideas. Jones Beach and our vaunted parks system revolutionized recreation for the masses. Grumman put men on the moon. Republic Aviation built machines that helped save the world for democracy. Computer Associates, Symbol Technologies, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stony Brook University and Hofstra University all excelled because of the power of the ideas and hard work.

144 Universities Warn Congress Pending Patent Legislation Would Harm U.S. Innovation System


As Congress considers legislation related to the U.S. patent system, American universities and associated technology transfer foundations and organizations stand ready to work with you to address the patent litigation abuses we all agree are a problem. We are deeply concerned, however, that much of the patent legislation currently being discussed in Congress, including the Innovation Act, H.R. 9, goes well beyond what is needed to address the bad actions of a small number of patent holders, and would instead make it more difficult and expensive for patent holders to defend their rights in good faith.

8 things you need to know about sleep


Sleep experts — Dr. Imran Khawaja of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center at HCMC and Lauren Hale of the National Sleep Foundation journal Sleep Health — joined MPR News to talk about the latest research and tips for getting a better night’s rest.

Can a killer whale be a slave? (story originally appeared on 2/4/2015)


Carl Safina holds the Endowed Chair for Nature and Humanity at Stony Brook University and is author of the upcoming book, "Beyond Words: How Animals Think and Feel." The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year on Long Island

Newsday/Explore LI

Each year is represented by an animal, and 2015 is the year of the goat. Or sheep. Or ram. It’s not very definitive. "They’re very similar in pronunciation and symbols," says Annalisa Manthos, director of the Confucius Institute at Stony Brook University. "That’s where the translation confusion comes in."

The Dad 2.0 Summit: Making the Case for a New Kind of Manhood


For all the progress the revolution has made, Kimmel, executive director at the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University in New York, is here to spread the message that it’s not time for back-patting yet, that men need to do more to support other men if America is really going to redefine what masculinity looks like (e.g., not just a big emotionless tree).

Officials Urge Caution As Potentially Record Low Temps Again Hit Tri-State Area

CBS New York

But as CBS2’s Matt Kozar reported, the beautiful great outdoors is actually fascinating for some. Dr. Laszlo Mihaly of Stony Brook University uses the bitter elements as his laboratory.
"Put a little ice crystal, and see it freezes," he explained as he demonstrated the progression of ice formation. "Ice crystals grow and they grow downwards…. It’s just beautiful."

: As an ALS Patient, Here’s What I Thought About "The Theory of Everything"

Huffington Post/Healthy Living

Dr. Christopher Pendergast, founder and president of Ride For Life and founder and sustainer of The Christopher Pendergast ALS Center for Excellence at Stony Brook University writes about "The Theory of Everything."

Indie Film Producers and Stony Brook: Partners

East Hampton Star

It is fitting that less than a month before this year’s Academy Awards, to be announced on Sunday evening, the New York State Education Department approved Stony Brook University’s Master of Fine Arts program in film, the first such program in the SUNY system.

Stony Brook University Hospital births 10,000 babies

Times Beacon Record

Stony Brook brought in its 10,000th baby this month. The hospital’s midwifery practice celebrated the big number Feb. 12, when little Lorilei Ann came into the world at 1:33 a.m. to meet her mom and dad, Phyllis and Joseph Boccio of Centereach. A team of excited midwives celebrated the birth as two other women were admitted into the labor and delivery unit Wednesday night, making the race to 10,000 births a close one.