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Feeling Women’s Liberation

Gender Studies

Victoria Hesford is an associated professor of Women and Gender Studies at Stony Brook University in New York. Her book Feeling Women’s Liberation (Duke University Press, 2013) examines the pivotal year of 1970 as defining the meaning of "women’s liberation."

Attention, All Scientists: Do Improv, With Alan Alda’s Help

New York Times

The two were participating in an improvisational acting exercise a couple of Saturdays ago. But they are not aspiring actresses or comedians. Dr. Furie is a professor of pathology at Stony Brook University, Dr. Holdener a professor of biochemistry and cell biology.

"Anyone have any inkling what is going on?" asked one of the instructors for the session — Alan Alda, the actor who played Hawkeye in the television series "M*A*S*H" more than three decades ago.

Majority of pediatricians agree to delay vaccinations

USA Today

Over time, families who are skeptical of vaccines may come to see that their pediatrician has their child’s best interest at heart, says Saul Hymes, assistant professor and attending physician at Stony Brook University Hospital on New York’s Long Island, who was not involved in the new study.

Roosevelt-based Parabit Systems Develops Bank Security Technology


Businesses also need to make sure they have a reserve to cover pitfalls that may result because of some failed projects, said Ree S. Wackett, a senior business adviser at the Small Business Development Center at Stony Brook University.

Destruction of Antiquities by ISIS Militants Is Denounced

New York Times

Abdulamir al-Hamdani, an Iraqi archaeologist and a visiting researcher at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, said some of the important Hatra sculptures that had been destroyed included a statue of Sanatruq, a king of Hatra; a statue of a priest of Hatra; and an important mask from Hatra.

Can You Dig It? More Evidence Suggests Humans From The Ice Age

NPR/"Weekend Edition Saturday"

Over the last few decades, archaeologists have uncovered other sites that have pushed back estimates of when humans arrived in the New World. But so far, none of the oldest sites have yielded what many consider the smoking gun — human remains. John Shea, an anthropologist and expert on early man at Stony Brook University, says positively dated human remains would change a lot of minds.

The Great Game in the Holy Land

Huffington Post/Politics

Michael Schwartz, an emeritus distinguished teaching professor of sociology at Stony Brook University writes, "Guess what? Almost all the current wars, uprisings, and other conflicts in the Middle East are connected by a single thread, which is also a threat: these conflicts are part of an increasingly frenzied competition to find, extract, and market fossil fuels whose future consumption is guaranteed to lead to a set of cataclysmic environmental crises."

Fears mount for Iraq heritage after IS museum rampage


Archaeologists expressed fears Friday that after ransacking the Mosul museum in Iraq, Islamic State group jihadists would embark on a systematic destruction of heritage in areas under their control…"This is not the end of the story and the international community must intervene," said Abdelamir Hamdani, an Iraqi archaeologist at New York’s Stony Brook University.

With icy air comes a frozen Long Island Sound

Suffolk Times

Stony Brook University oceanography professor Henry Bokuniewicz said, "It takes a severe event to cause the Sound to freeze," adding that it would be impossible for Long Island Sound to freeze over completely.

Nassau sewage treatment plants most damaged by Sandy, says Stony Brook-NYU study


The report about the damage from super-storm Sandy, done by Stony Brook University and New York University, focused on the impact of Sandy-related flooding on sewage treatment plants in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.