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Stony Brook Midwives deliver 10,000th baby!

News 12

Stony Brook Midwives deliver their 10,000th baby and cant wait for the next 10,000!

Stony Brook Nurses Plan, Host Romantic Dinners for Oncology Patients


The hospital is not not exactly the place you think of when it comes to romance, but a group of nurses at Stony Brook University Hospital are providing a sweet surprise for patients.

Time’s Up for ‘Timeout’ (story originally appeared 12/19/2014)

The Atlantic

Roger Thompson, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at Stony Brook University writes about a progressive group of neurology researchers who want to redefine "discipline." Decisions about parenting affect not only children’s minds, but those of adults as well.

Long Island’s Economic Stagnation Preventable, Study Says

Long Island Press

But all is not gloom and doom, advocates say. Among the positive signs the report spotted is the Island’s relatively small but growing biomedical industry, which includes "such powerhouse resources" as Stony Brook University, Cold Spring Harbor and the Brookhaven National Laboratory, which just unveiled the new $912 million National Synchrotron Light Source II, which promises to generate the brightest X-ray beams in human history, illuminating a broad range of research that has yet to be seen, let alone imagined.

New Study on Parasitic Wasps Sounds Like the Plot of a Horror Movie


By itself, this scenario would be worthy of a Guillermo del Toro horror flick, but it actually gets much worse (or better, depending on which side you’re rooting for). The study’s authors, led by parasitologist ​Nolwenn Dheilly of Stony Brook University, wanted to know how the wasp larva managed to control the beetle’s brain during the paralysis stage.

Dark Energy Camera Unveils Tiny Objects in Solar System

NZ Health Tech

Stony Brook University’s Aren Heinze and a University of Western Ontario’s Stanimir Metchev use DECam images to demeanour for undiscovered members of a solar system’s categorical asteroid belt, that sits between Mars and Jupiter. They smoke-stack some-more than 100 images taken in reduction than dual mins to detect a positions, motions and brightnesses of asteroids not seen before.

State Education Department Approves First-Ever Film MFA for Stony Brook Southampton

Southampton Press

The State Education Department has approved the State University of New York’s first-ever Master of Fine Arts in film–and it is for none other than Stony Brook Southampton.

LI scientists had longtime concern over ingredients in diet supplements


"We first made this point 10 years ago. Now this brings it home to the people," said Dr. Arthur Grollman, director of the Laboratory of Chemical Biology at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Grollman has found in his lab that some products on the market pose dangers to consumers.

Alan Alda Talks About His Efforts to Teach Scientists How to Communicate Better


Actor, director and author Alan Alda is best known for his many roles on stage and screen, but the man who played Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H is leaving his mark on science as well. The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University teaches scientists how to better communicate what they are doing.

Small Business: Finding good talent for your startup


"We have strong, educated people coming out of our universities," notes Anil Dhundale, executive director of the Long Island High Technology Incubator and Stony Brook University incubators, which support early-stage, high-tech companies at four locations between Stony Brook and Calverton.