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Science, in the Words of Alan Alda

The Atlantic

Alan Alda’s love of science and communication has earned him many honors, including the Sagan Award for increasing the public appreciation of science and the Scientific American Lifetime Achievement Award. Today, he serves as a visiting professor at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University, a role that builds on his many years in science education and journalism.

Giant fossils get renewed life with 3D Scans

Fox News

The scanners enabled the team to capture detailed, three-dimensional images of fossils before researchers attempt to move them to a more secure location, likely in Nairobi or the Turkana Basin Institute, a nonprofit research center founded by Richard Leakey and Stony Brook University in New York.

Matchmaking: How to get your first research job

Thomson Reuters/Endnote

Marianna Savoca is the career center director at Stony Brook University in New York. She says getting any job is about matching a candidate with an opportunity, and the key to getting an academic job is to show how your skills and experiences can fit into a given academic community.

Stony Brook Discovery Fund Challenge Held at Simons Foundation

Simons Foundation

In April 2014, Stony Brook University launched the Discovery Fund, an initiative to support the university’s discovery-driven research through philanthropy. Established with a $500,000 initial donation from the Stony Brook Foundation, the fund is intended to encourage private donors’ investment in basic scientific research at Stony Brook at a time when federal support of basic research is waning.

LI college students teach one another to prevent sexual assault


Stony Brook University student Matthew Sacco started a campaign to educate his peers about college sexual assault that was unlike many advocacy efforts out there. He gave out glow sticks.

Staller Center gears up for second act of 2014-15 season

Times Beacon Record

Stony Brook University’s Staller Center is gearing up for the winter and spring series of performances. With music, dance, film and more, the center presents entertainment for all tastes.

Cancer deaths in US drop, thanks to fewer smokers, group says


Deaths from cancer have fallen 22 percent nationwide and 29 percent in New York over the past several decades, much of that due to fewer smokers, the American Cancer Society reported Wednesday…."As an oncologist, in my early career I saw a lot of lung cancer, and over the course of my career that is much reduced," said Dr. Samuel Ryu, deputy director of Stony Brook University Cancer Center. Greater patient awareness and ongoing research has improved prevention efforts, detection and treatments, he said.

SBU professors elected to AAAS

Long Island Business News

Two Stony Brook University professors were elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Erwin London is a professor in the university’s department of chemistry and department of biochemistry and cell biology, while Clinton Rubin, a SUNY distinguished professor, chairs the department of biomedical engineering in addition to serving as director of Stony Brook’s Center for Biotechnology.

Dashcam Captures Fireball Streaking Over East Coast


Stony Brook University astronomy professor Fred Walter identifies the ball of light as a fireball.

Long Islanders report seeing ‘bright fireball,’ American Meteor Society Says


About a dozen Long Islanders were among hundreds of people from Maine to Maryland who reported seeing "a bright fireball" in the sky Monday evening, according to the American Meteor Society…Fireballs — which are very bright meteors — "happen more frequently than you would expect," said Frederick Walter, astronomy professor at Stony Brook University.