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The Study of Men

NPR/"Brian Lehrer Show"

Second wave feminism started "women’s studies" as an academic subject in response to the social sciences written by and for men. Michael Kimmel, professor of sociology and gender studies at Stony Brook University, where he directs the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities, and the author of Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men (Harper Perennial, 2009), makes the case for adding "masculine studies" to the curriculum.

Marine conservationist on what animals think and feel

NPR/KPCC-FM-Los Angeles

Can animals think and feel? Anyone with a pet will likely say yes. Animal researcher and Stony Brook University professor Carl Safina is taking that question one step further by asking what and how do nonhuman animals feel.

International students coming to LI in record numbers


About two-thirds of the international students on the Island are expected to attend Stony Brook and NYIT. More than 500 are slated to go to Nassau Community College and Suffolk County Community College.

Avoid This Color in Your Business Plan

Wall Street Journal

The results? Investors were more likely to invest in a business plan that had images of the product or prototype. And using the color red in logos or elsewhere scared off investors. The authors, Richard Chan, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at Stony Brook University’s College of Business in Stony Brook, N.Y., and H. Dennis Park, an assistant professor at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business in Philadelphia, say the study provides evidence that rapid-fire investment choices rely partially on heuristics–mental shortcuts that help people arrive at a decision quickly.

Rape Case Raises Troubling Issues At St. Paul’s School, Sociologist Says

NPR/"Weekend Morning Edition"

Saint Paul’s is the elite boarding school in New Hampshire that educated Secretary of State John Kerry and many other prominent alumni. And that school is now at the center of a rape trial. More than a year ago, as Owen Labrie was finishing his senior year, he took part in a school ritual known as the Senior Salute. Older students are supposed to sexually proposition younger ones. Labrie chose a 15-year-old girl and then allegedly raped her. He has pled not guilty and says their encounter was consensual. This past week, his accuser took the stand to make her case. Michael Kimmel is the director of the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University. And in a couple of weeks, he will address the faculty at St. Paul’s School. He joins us on the line from Chicago. Thanks so much for being with us.

Stony Brook University introduces hydroponic ‘Freight Farm’ on campus

Fresh Plaza

This fall, Stony Brook University is introducing a fresh new technology – a hydroponic Freight Farm – where student farmers can grow crops year-round in an indoor environment. Created in a discarded shipping container converted into a fully operational hydroponic farm known as the Leafy Green Machine, the Freight Farm will be primarily managed by Stony Brook students.

The Growing Field of Men’s Studies

KQED/NPR "Forum with Michael Krasny"

Students at Stony Brook University in New York will soon be able to earn a masters degree in "masculinities studies." The new program symbolizes increased attention to how masculinity is treated across cultures and disciplines. At the recent International Conference on Masculinities, seminars ranged in topics from mental health to fatherhood to friendship. We’ll explore the growing academic field of men’s studies and what we’re teaching today’s young men about masculinity.

100,000 delivery at Stony Brook University Hospital


Newborn Luca Picarella has the usual statistics associated with his birth — time of delivery 8:09 a.m., weight 8 pounds 9 ounces, length 20.75 inches. But there’s one more number that will follow him for life: His was the 100,000th delivery at Stony Brook University Hospital.

Americans can’t put down our cell phones–and it’s actually killing us

Daily Dot

While the dangers of texting while driving have been well-documented–causing an estimated 18 percent of vehicular deaths, according to the FCC–texting while walking is arguably even more dangerous. According to researchers at Stony Brook University, being distracted by your phone makes you 61 percent more likely to walk the wrong direction; this is true even though you actually walk faster while texting, making your aimless wandering even more dangerous

How Sleep Position May Affect the Brain

Huffington Post

Researchers from Stony Brook University found that side sleeping, compared to back or stomach sleeping, may more effectively remove brain waste and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases.

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