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Stony Brook holds training on gunshot wound treatment


Dealing with the victims of terror attacks in the U.S. is now the focus of new training at Stony Brook University.

Ordinary people trained to save lives in shootings, attacks

New York Times/Associated Press

"We don’t want you to just hide and bleed to death like we saw in Orlando and other places," said Lawrence Zacarese, the assistant chief of police at Stony Brook University, which is spearheading training for school districts and colleges across the country. "We want you hiding and maintaining and doing some administration of first aid until we can get there."

Cancer center’s Adopt a Family program warms the heart

Times Beacon Record

Opportunities for warming hearts abound during the holiday season and those who give tend to receive much more. Five years ago, when Linda Bily, cancer patient advocacy and community outreach director at Stony Brook Cancer Center, and others noticed some patients did not have family members to share the holidays with, she started the Adopt a Family program.

How to Tell Which News Is Fake

Wall Street Journal

A six-week university course, "Making Sense of the News," starts next month on Co-taught by journalism professors from Stony Brook University, New York, the course is available for free or for $49 to students who want to earn a certificate.

Doc, surgery team who saved cops score touchdown with Jets


The New York Jets and Suffolk County Police Department surprised Stony Brook University Hospital chief of trauma surgery Dr. James Vosswinkel during a news conference on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016. The longtime Jets fan and his team saved the lives of two Suffolk County police officers injured in the line of duty. Vosswinkel and 20 members of his staff will be honored on the Jets’ First Responder Day at MetLife Stadium on Dec. 5

Burning less coal isn’t just making air cleaner. It’s making your tuna safer

Washington Post

"The decline is real," Nicholas S. Fisher, a professor of marine sciences at Stony Brook University in New York. He continued, "the decline is almost in parallel with declines in mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants and the decline of mercury in the air. It appears that the fish are responding almost in real time. We thought that was pretty exciting."

Nikolaos Panou, Ph.D., Installed As Tsantes Endowed Professor In Greek Literature And Language At Stony Brook University

Hellenic News of America

The Stony Brook community came together to celebrate the formal installation of Nikolaos Panou, Ph.D., the inaugural Peter V. Tsantes Professor in Greek Literature and Language.

The Biologists Who Want to Overhaul Evolution

The Atlantic

"I think I’m expected to represent the Jurassic view of evolution," said Douglas Futuyma when he got up to the podium. Futuyma is a soft-spoken biologist at Stony Brook University in New York and the author of a leading textbook on evolution. In other words, he was the target of many complaints during the meeting that textbooks paid little heed to things like epigenetics and plasticity. In effect, Futuyma had been invited to tell his colleagues why those concepts were ignored.

In Madagascar Test, Drone Delivers Medicine by Air

New York Times

In test flights last summer, several organizations used a drone to connect remote villages in a roadless region of Madagascar with Centre ValBio, a Stony Brook University research hub. Medicines and medical samples can be swiftly transported this way.Credit Jaydon Kiernan

How demography proved Donald Trump’s destiny


Helmut Norpoth is professor of political science at Stony Brook University. His book "Commander in Chief: Franklin Roosevelt and the American People" is forthcoming. He writes, "Donald Trump was elected president with a playbook that not only ignored the admonitions of the RNC report, but it also downright defied it."

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