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Rajaram, Weber Among APS Fellows Elected to Society of Experimental Psychologists

Association for Psychological Science

APS Past Board Members Suparna Rajaram of Stony Brook University is among eight psychological scientists recently elected to the Society of Experimental Psychologists (SEP).

Jupiter-like star spot: Are storms more common than astronomers thought?

Christian Science Monitor

Scientists have discovered a storm on a distant star that suggests large meteorological events are not unusual in other parts of the galaxy.

The secret of Steve Jobs success? Psychologists say being ‘a jerk’ can make people more creative and better at selling their ideas to others

Daily Mail

Sam Hunter, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Pen State’s College of Liberal Arts and Lily Cushebberry, Assistant Professor of Management and the director of the Leadership & Creativity Research Lab from Stony Brook University, conducted a two part experimental study to understand why those with headstrong personalities are more successful.

What Does It Mean That Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Is ‘Gone?’

Huffington Post

"Terminology is important in this case," Dr. Yusuf Hannun, director of the Stony Brook University Cancer Center, told The Huffington Post. "Cancer-free means there is not detectable cancer — that’s often what physicians would call ‘complete remission of the disease.’"

It’s Not Just Drivers Being Driven to Distraction

New York Times

. A study by Eric M. Lamberg and Lisa M. Muratori at Stony Brook University found that distracted walkers veer off course by as much as 61 percent while texting and walking.

The remote lake that tells the story of humanity’s birth


Humans used to be a diverse group of species, not just one as we are today.

Rebel Paleolithic artist breaks the rules, draws a campsite 13,800 years ago

Los Angeles Times

Scientists have uncovered a rock engraving that may be the earliest known depiction of a human society.

‘Origami Heaven’ Unfolds

New York Times

"Origami Heaven," an exhibition at the Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University, is not the collection of small folded cranes that one might expect.

History lives on through interactive holography

The Saturday Paper

Major advances in holography are the foundation of a project to preserve stories of Holocaust survivors for future generations as an interactive, personal experience.

What Causes GI Problems in Autism

Interactive Autism Network

Children with autism have more gastrointestinal (GI) problems than other kids, according to many studies, but why?

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