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Long Island health systems expanding cancer care

Long Island Business News

Long Island Naturally: Positive touch in infants

News 12

Studies show that baby massages and positive touch stimulates brain development and improves digestion. Baby message is demonstrated at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital.

The Moon has a far side, not a dark one

The Verge

China now has two history-making robots sending back images from an area of the Moon where humankind has never been before. This side of the Moon is distant and mysterious, but, despite pop culture references to the contrary, it isn’t always dark. In fact, after touching down on the lunar surface, the probe sent back a snapshot of its new home that shows a rocky, cratered, and distinctly lit landscape….China bridged the signal gap by sending up a satellite called Queqiao, which communicates with the probe and relays information, including photos, back to Earth. There’s light in the photos because there’s light on the far side of the Moon: in fact, there is no permanently dark side of the Moon. “Half the moon is always lit by the Sun — just like the Earth,” Frederick Walter, a professor of physics and astronomy at Stony Brook University, says in an email to The Verge.


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