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Marketing, communications and brand empathy in the time of coronavirus

University Business

Nicholas Scibetta, Vice President for Marketing and Communications and Chief Marketing Officer write in the op-ed in University Business, “Empathetic marketing is more critical than ever, enabling brands to better understand and more deeply connect to audiences.”

Stony Brook University storm model predicts wetter, less frequent hurricanes

Times Beacon Record

At the beginning of this month, the North Atlantic started its annual hurricane season that will extend through the end of November. Each year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration offers a forecast in May for the coming season. This year, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center anticipates a 60 percent chance of an above-normal season. The Center anticipates 13 to 19 storms, although that number doesn’t indicate how many storms will make landfall. These predictions have become the crystal ball through which forecasters and city planners prepare for a season that involves tracking disturbances that typically begin off the West coast of Africa and pick up energy and size as they travel west across the Atlantic towards Central America. While some storms travel back out to sea, others threaten landfall by moving up the Gulf Coast or along Atlantic Seaboard of the United States. Kevin Reed, an Associate Professor at Stony Brook University’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, and Alyssa Stansfield, a graduate student in his lab, recently predicted the likely amount of rainfall from tropical cyclones.

Island doctors learn value of masks, find new therapies in virus treatment


The 50-year-old man was so sick from the COVID-19 virus that he needed a ventilator to breathe. He had been transferred to Stony Brook University Hospital from another hospital that had done all it could for him. The Stony Brook doctor decided to try a controversial treatment using high doses of a steroid. Dr. Mohamed Mansour, director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Stony Brook Medicine, said that after a week of using the steroid on the man, aimed at reducing inflammation in his lungs, he was able to reduce the oxygen and pressure settings on the ventilator. Three weeks later, the man was off the machine and eventually was discharged, Mansour said

A Debate Over Identity and Race Asks, Are African-Americans ‘Black’ or ‘black’?

New York Times

In her first two books, Crystal M. Fleming, a sociologist and author, lowercased black in part because of academic differences between race and ethnicity. But the more she researched, the more those distinctions became blurred in her mind. She came to see race as a concept that could signify a politically and culturally meaningful identity. Now Dr. Fleming, a professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the author of “How to be Less Stupid About Race,” is writing a book for young people about fighting racism. She has decided to use Black.

Black Lives Matter protests, racial health disparities discussed at SBU race divide session


Stony Brook University’s “Bridging the Racial Divide” discussion Thursday was wide-ranging, spanning ways to make the university a more “inclusive campus community” to today’s Black Lives Matter protest movement sparked by the killing of George Floyd, to racial health disparities exposed by the coronavirus pandemic. In this edition of the university’s “Beyond the Expected” podcast on Facebook Live, Judi Brown Clarke, Stony Brook’s chief diversity officer, questioned a panel of university officials: Carmen Gonzalez, assistant vice president for procurement; Zebulon Vance Miletsky, assistant professor of Africana Studies; and Dr. Jedan Phillips, a family medical specialist with the university’s Department of Family, Population & Preventive Medicine.

Medical experts say Florida, Texas examples of reopening too soon


“We see a lot of outbreaks related to big gatherings in bars and churches,” said Dr. Bettina Fries, chief of the infectious diseases division at Stony Brook Medicine.

Challenges for LGBTQ community can intensify during pandemic but free mental health support is available

ABC Action News

“LGBTQ people and especially young adults experience higher rates of mental health problems like anxiety and depression,” said Ellora Vilkin, a doctoral student at Stony Brook University’s clinical psychology program. Vilkin says anxiety is on the rise due to the pandemic and civil unrest across the country and the LGBTQ community face particular challenges that may be intensified right now. “Because we’re in this pandemic, where social support is harder to come by, there’s more economic strain. There’s more uncertainty about the future. All of these factors can increase the risk for mental health challenges among queer and trans people, who are already vulnerable,” she explained.

THE Young University Rankings 2020: Golden Age results out now

The World University Rankings

This year’s Golden Age table – so named to reflect what THE describes as the Golden Age in global higher education, characterised by rapid university expansion and increasing investment in research – features 308 universities, 159 of which are in Asia. The Golden Age ranking uses the same methodology as the THE World University Rankings.

Stony Brook University #48

No. 512: In Which Twain Tinkers, Lovelace Leaps And UFOs Conquer The World

Innovate LI

Get cracking: Stony Brook University’s Office of the Vice President for Research has had a busy quarter, providing nearly $400,000 in research funding directly related to COVID-19.Along with SBU’s Institute for Engineering-Driven Medicine, the office has quickly backed 17 unique research projects – to the tune of $398,200 – through the OVPR & IEDM COVID-19 Seed Grant Program, which officially called for applications in late March. Among them: Deep dives into biomarker identifications, multiscale molecular stimulations, novel cyclophilin inhibitors and other pharmacological pursuits and psychological precepts associated with the global pandemic. The funds were made available May 22 and all 17 projects are expected to be completed within a year. “It’s exciting to see the remarkable breadth of topics reflected in these seed-funding awards,” noted SBU Vice President for Research Richard Reeder. “It’s a clear demonstration of the vast expertise and creativity of our researchers across the entire university.”

The fire prophet: Dolors Armenteras on saving the Amazon and fighting misogyny in science


“Dolors’s laboratory has been a pioneer in Colombia and Latin America in the analysis of remote sensors, a work that they have been doing since the 1990s,” Liliana Dávalos, a biologist at Stony Brook University in New York and co-author of the recent study, says in an interview. “Thanks to these studies, she has demonstrated, with figures, the importance of protected areas to curb the deforestation. Another contribution has been generating high-quality data and analysis on fires, since before they became a topic of discussion, in 2018.”


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