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ITK Studios

Now Broadcasting Live From Campus, Stony Brook Experts In The ITK StudiosItk studio

Stony Brook University offers the ITK (“In-The-Know”) Studio, powered by the ReadyCam television studio system.

ITK Studio provides remote access to television networks around the globe, from CNN to BBC, NBC, PBS and hundreds of others. Conveniently located on the Stony Brook campus, the fully equipped broadcast studio gives Stony Brook experts a new channel for sharing their expertise and commentary with the world — without ever leaving campus.



Are you looking for a Stony Brook University expert who can speak knowledgeably on what’s happening in the world today? Browse the Stony Brook Experts website for our experts and thought leaders. This multimedia site provides  the resources needed to quickly identify and connect with Stony Brook luminaries. These thought leaders can provide expertise, analysis and commentary across a variety of platforms including print, digital/social, broadcast and radio. This website is updated continuously with more experts, new faculty and trending topics.

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Do you want to book a Stony Brook University Expert for your show? Contact Joan Behan-Duncan ( to arrange a remote broadcast interview in the ITK Studios.

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If you need immediate assistance, call 631-632-6310.


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