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T’Kheya-D’Vrehy Yisrael ’19 Celebrates Black Culture on Campus

Tkheya yisrael

Strong women get things done — proven time and time again by senior T’Kheya-D’Vrehy Yisrael — a role model, visionary and student leader dedicated to Stony Brook University and her peers.

T’Kheya-D’Vrehy Yisrael
T’Kheya-D’Vrehy Yisrael

T’Kheya, a biochemistry and sociology double major, received the Dr. William McAdoo Memorial Scholarship from Stony Brook University’s Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity at the closing ceremony for Stony Brook’s celebration of Black History Month. “It’s an award dedicated to social justice and leadership, which are things that are really really near and dear to my heart on this campus,” T’Kheya said.

Stony Brook’s theme for Black History Month was Blackness is Endless. “To me, blackness is endless means a couple of different things. I think it evokes some of the honor of traditions and things that have happened in the past with black culture, whether that be experiences or inventions or things like that,” T’Kheya said. “I think it talks about just how black people can be anything, there’s no right way to be black — whatever you’re interested in, whatever makes you happy, is what you should pursue.”

T’Kheya pursues her interests by serving in a variety of leadership roles in campus clubs and organizations. She is a Senior Resident Assistant, a Marketing & Communications Assistant for the Faculty Student Association (FSA), President of Pi Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, President of the Black Student Union, President of the Black and Brown Caucus, a member of the Student African American Sisterhood, and LinkedIn ambassador.

She volunteers at the campus food pantry and helps out with the My Sister’s Keeper initiative to create “Love Lunches” to provide the less fortunate with food, clothing and hygiene products in the NYC area. T’Kheya keeps busy with her school work and the many committees she is a member of including the University Diversity Plan Undergraduate Working Group, Student Diversity Leadership Council, Student Advisory Council and the University Scholar’s Scholarship Committee.

“I’ve worked with people from so many different backgrounds and collaborated with so many multicultural organizations, and I think it has really helped to prepare me for the workplace,” T’Kheya said. She points to her work as a resident assistant, where she creates programming for students and helps them feel comfortable and supported while living in the residence halls. “For me, being at Stony Brook is about making it feel like home, not just to myself but to other students.”

T’Kheya encourages students to enjoy their time at Stony Brook and seek out opportunities they would not typically think to pursue. “I don’t think that I would have any of the accomplishments that I had if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and gotten involved with a club, or became an RA, or just went to something that I wasn’t so sure I would be great at,” T’Kheya said. “I think that’s what everyone should do if you want to make Stony Brook campus your home.”

Starting in July, T’Kheya will be a Technical Sales Representative, through the Eaton Corporation’s Leadership Development program, a power management company doing business in more than 175 countries. She will train in different Eaton offices to learn about their products and services as well as enhance her communication skills. “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with such a huge company to really expand my skills and network! I’ll be relocating to Pennsylvania and I know with all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had at Stony Brook, that I’m fully prepared to integrate into this new team with Eaton,” said T’Kheya.

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