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Service Awards Ceremony Honors Years of Dedication

Service awards

A festive atmosphere prevailed at the recent Service Awards celebration for employees marking 25 years or more of service to the University. More than 279 of the 376 honorees celebrating a milestone from 2015 filled the Student Activities Center Ballroom A with laughter and conversation as they reconnected with colleagues and shared memories of their years at Stony Brook.

The 40- and 45-year honorees with Provost Assanis
The 40- and 45-year honorees with Provost Assanis

The banquet and award ceremony for those celebrating 25-, 30-, 35-, 40-, 45- and 50-year milestones included an elegant lunch and featured music selections by a trio of students from the Department of Music.

Stony Brook University Provost Dennis Assanis, speaking on behalf of President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., expressed his gratitude at the dedication, unique talents and contributions of everyone who helped shape Stony Brook throughout the years.

“You are the heart and soul of Stony Brook University. You’ve transformed a small teachers’ college into an internationally recognized center for excellence. Your steadfast commitment to our students and our mission is what makes Stony Brook a thriving community for creation and innovation,” said Provost Assanis as he began the recognition ceremony.

He asked the 25-, 30- and 35-year honorees to stand first so they could be recognized and applauded for their service. Then he individually recognized the senior honorees who were in attendance, praising their 40- and 45-years of service. Each senior honoree was introduced and brought up to the podium to receive their award. Some also shared a few words about their remarkable accomplishments.

A total of 376 people achieved recognized levels of service in 2015: 183 reached 25 years, 120 reached 30 years, 51 reached 35 years, 11 reached 40 years, ten reached 45 years, and one is at 50 years and still going strong. In addition to special Tiffany gifts, attendees each received pins displaying their years of service.

Shelley Catalano

The 2016 Service Award Honorees


Lin-Shu Wang, Mechanical Engineering


David Ebin, Mathematics
Edward Feldman, Family Medicine
Douglas Futuyma, Ecology and Evolution
Clifford Huffman, English
Gilbert Kalish, Music
David Lawton, Music
Jeffrey Levinton, Ecology and Evolution
Mario Mignone, European Languages
Alan Tucker, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
H.B. Waldman, General Dentistry


Peter Brink, Physiology and Biophysics
Carol Carter, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Fred Confessore, Oral Biology and Pathology
Richard Faber, Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry
Fred Ferguson, Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry
John Fleagle, Anatomical Sciences
Dorothy Greene, 13N Neurology
Thea Konsevitch, Dental Care Center
Joseph Lauher, Chemistry
Theresa Sandstrom, Dental Care Center
Jerry Willard, Music


Bonita Alonzo, Labor and Delivery Surgical Services
Catherine Anderson, Plasmapheresis
Richard Anderson, Purchasing
Allison Avery, Health Information Management
Michael Barnhart, History
Christina Bethin, Linguistics
Mary Catalano, Operating Room
Jeanette Cavanaugh, Operating Room
Jamie Coates, Pre-admission Testing
Fernando Colon, WCPP Building Maintenance
Patricia Coyle, Neurology
Kathleen DaSilva, Anatomic Pathology
Doreen Day, Care Management
Gwendolyn Edwards, Nursing Office
Richard Ferguson, Pharmacy
Maureen Friedman, Client Support
Dennis Galanakis, Pathology
Kathryn Germana, Computer Science
Tami Groth, Physical Therapy Outpatient
Patricia Hayden, Dental Care Center
Bruce Henneborn, ECPP Plumbing
Angelika Hrynda, Nursing
Jennifer Kelly, Financial Aid Office
Suzanne Laurelli, Health Information Management
Eileen Lombardo, Newborn Nursery
Joseph Longo, Hospital Print Shop
Glenn Lopez, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
David McAvoy, Automotive Repair Services
Yvonne McKenzie, Labor and Delivery Services
Nancy Meisner, Dental Care Center
Lorne Mendell, Neurobiology and Behavior
Joan Miller, UH Union
Sharon Paduano, Clinical Practice Management Plan
Jayant Parekh, Electrical Engineering
Albert Pileggi, Operations Administration
Howardena Pindell, Art
Christine Pitocco, Electroencephalography
Mary Ellen Pomerenke, Obstetrics Acute
Nancy Ramsdell, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Richard Reeder, Geosciences
John Scally, Per Diem Nursing
William Schottler, Radiology Diagnostic
Michael Schultz, Hospital Building Structural
Lisa Sells, Operations Administration
Janice Sniffen, Physical Therapy
Shikaripur Sridhar, Asian and Asian-American Studies
Peter Stephens, Physics and Astronomy
Jirina Vasek, Hospital Chemistry
Mary Verardi, Operating Room
Richard Walsh, Operations Administration
Shirley Walters, General Clinical Research Center
James Ward, WC Custodial Services
Nancy Yen, Lab Administration


Patricia Antone, UH Union
Joan Arata, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Theresa Augeri, Pediatric Psychology
Coreen Bandalos, Breast Center
Charles Bebber III. Peri-Operative Services EMR-IT
Mary Bennett, Operating Room
Carl Blohmke, General Dentistry
Donna Boerem, Clinical Practice Management Plan
Kelly Bollhofer, Admissions Office
Corinne Buckley, Outpatient Labor and Delivery
Beverly Busch, Clinical Practice Management Plan
Barbara Cabrera, Radiation Oncology
Barbara Carlisle, Hospital Chemistry
Gabrielle Carlson, Psychiatry
Harold Carlson, Endocrinology
Mary Caruso, Financial Aid Office
Joyce Casale, Communications and Marketing
Karen Chmiel, Advanced Practice Nursing
Joan Claeson, Anesthesiology
Anna Clark, Client Support
Judith Clarke, Coram Health Center
Roy Clarkson, Hospital Construction
Anna Coppola, Receiving and Courier Services
Augusto Cortes, Pharmacy
Rose D’Orsi, Ambulatory Surgery Center
John Delahunty, Clinical Information Systems
Corinne Dermont, Care Management
Margaret Economos, Physical Therapy Outpatient
Owen Evans, Geosciences
Patricia Fideli, Breast Center
Daniel Finer, Linguistics
Marie Fiore, Project Office
Janice Fleischman-Eaton, Nurse Practitioners
Georges Fouron, Africana Studies
Jeffrey Friedman, Transportation and Parking
Laura Fuoco, Specimen Collection
Frazier Dudley Gaines, UH Union
Patricia Gapp, Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program
Frank Garces, Blood Bank
Darlene Gelin, Social Work/Care Management
Carol Gomes, University Hospital
Lyle Gomes, Finance and Administration
Arthur Haas, Music
Nabil Hagag, Stem Cell
Lynn Hartnett, Pharmacy
Stephanie Haverty, Hematology
Michael Hayman, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Jacqueline Hertzfeld, CT Scanner
Donna Hoffman, 14S Orthopedics
Giselle Jahn, Life Care Center, Hampton Bays
Torri Janis, Chemotherapy
Mohini Jose, Social Services
June Julian, Bursar/Student Accounts
Arie Kaufman, Computer Science
Deidre Kelloff, Hospital Custodial Services
Karin Ann Kelly, Clinical Practice Management Plan
Patrick Kelly, Staller Center
Eva Kittay, Philosophy
Iris Kleinman, Chairman’s Office Medicine
Ann Knowd, Operating Room
Carmen LaSorsa, General Dentistry
Susan Lehecka, Clinical Information Systems
Sherri Lever, System Support Services
James Lewis Jr., Operations Administration
Wendy Linder, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
Judith Lochhead, Music
Mark Maciulaitis, Budget Office
Linda Mahler, Nurse Practitioners
Marie Ann Marino, School of Nursing
Lawrence Martin, Turkana Basin Institute
Vonna Martin, Hospital Custodial Services
Ann Mary Mathai, Labor and Delivery Surgical Services
Richard Mathias, Physiology and Biophysics
Wendy Mattias, General Clinical Research Center
Robyn McKeefrey, Risk Management
Sharon Mercer, Hospital Custodial Services
Andrea Miller, Labor and Delivery Services
Denise Muscarella, LI State Veterans Home
Stephanie Musso-Mantione, Medical Center Information Systems
Debra Nappi-Gonzalez, Printing and Duplication
Herriot Nicoleau, CT Scanner
Eric Niegelberg, Emergency Department
Juana Altagracia Nunez, EC Custodial Services
Nancy O’Hara, Technology Park
Linda Ording-Bauer, Nurse Practitioners
Diana Palladino, Supply Management Services
Tae Park, Radiation Oncology
Audrey Powers, Hospital Chemistry
Phyliseta Quallo, Antepartum In-Patient Unit
I.V. Ramakrishnan, Computer Science
Sheila Reilly, Pre-admission Testing
Evelyn Reyes, WC Custodial Services
Marlin Rigas, Microbiology
Michael Rijssenbeek, Physics and Astronomy
Margaret Rodgers, Procurement
Jeanette Rogan, DoIT Administration
Linda Roppolo, 19N Medical Oncology
Carol Rosen, English
Nevin Russ, General Medicine Clinic
Susan Ryan, Athletics
Diane Santangelo, Nurse Practitioners
Walter Schmeling, Physics and Astronomy
Richwood Schurig, Environmental Health and Safety
Terry Semonian, Procurement
Brenda Sheehan, Nurse Practitioners
Loretta Simckowitz, AICU
Michael Singh, Operations Administration
Peter Smullen, Operations Administration
Doris Spruill, Operations Administration
Victoria Stewart, Physical Therapy Outpatient
Doris Tinsley, Central Services and Supplies
Jeanne Townsend, Help Desk
Debra Tripptree, Clinical Practice Management Plan
Gail Trocchio, Orthopedics
Maureen Turner, Respiratory Therapy
Mariana Valerio, EC Custodial Services
Renee Veneable, UH Union
Susan White, HSC Library
Kevin Wiggins, Hospital Custodial Services
Brenda Wimbush, Newborn Nursery
Ismail Zahed, Physics and Astronomy
Mary Zegers, Client Support/Surgical Service
Edward Zurcher, Endoscopy


Sylvia Abrilz, Human Resources
Paul Adams, Neurobiology and Behavior
Susan Ahrens, Hospital Chemistry
Annette Ainsley, Research Administration
Frank Albergo, Pharmacy
Yelena Altshuller, Pharmacology
Kathryn Ardizzone, Pharmacy
Michael Axelrod, Life Sciences Complex
Wadie Bahou, School of Medicine
Doreen Baldwin, Information Systems
Cheryl Belcher, Dental Care Center
Debra Bertini, Office, Dean of Medicine
Wesley Bouler, Central Services and Supplies
Bruce Bowen, Networking Services
Mark Boysen, Human Resources
Mary Bragg, Neonatal ICU
Jonathan Bratchie, Dental Care Center
Susan Brennan, Psychology
Darla Broberg, Clinical Support/Mental Health
Barbara Brownworth, Linguistics
Denise Bugdin, Heart Failure Service
Steven Burgardt, Biomedical Engineering
Patricia Caillias, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
Susan Callahan, Nurse Practitioners
Kathleen Cardno, University Police
Timothy Carlin, ACP-CT Scan
Mary Carter, Breast Center
Colleen Casagrande, Chemotherapy
Maureen Center, Labor and Delivery Services
Ana Cepeda, Coram Health Center
Chris Cepeda, Athletics
Lydia Chabza, Research Administration
Cheryl Chambers, Office, Dean of Students
Latha Chandran, Pediatrics
Ana Chevres, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Richard Clark, Dermatology
Michelle Corrieri, Supply Management Services
Aldoray Cowell, Pre-Surgical Admissions
Melinda Cullam, MICU 17 South
Steffilynn Dahl, Surgery
Laurie Dalessio, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Lynn Davis, Procurement
Devril Daye, Hospital Custodial Services
Karen Dechello, Occupational Therapy Program
Anita Louise Defranco, School of Nursing
Michael Delaney, Hospital Buildings Systems
Ramon Delgado, EC Custodial Services
Genevieve Dellaporta, LPN Float Pool
Laura Delvecchio, Dental Care Center
Yuefan Deng, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Barbara Desmond, Dental Care Center
Alfred DiVenuto, Procurement
Petar Djuric, Electrical Engineering
Patricia Doty, 19N Medical Oncology
Marian Evinger, Pediatrics
Diane Fabel, Center for Biotechnology
Linda Fanene, Emergency Department
Richard Fine, Pediatrics
Kathleen Finnegan, Clinical Laboratory Science
Margaret Fischer, Nurse Practitioners
Ilene Fox, Urology
Carla Fredericks, Human Resources
Steven Friedman, Help Desk
Patrick Fritz, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Joseph Gagne Jr., Help Desk
Andrea Gallagher, Breast Center
Janine Gennardo, Breast Center
James Gillas, Life Sciences Complex
Debra Giugliano, Nurse Practitioners
Ugen Gombo, HSC Library
Anamaria Goncalves, Research Administration
Donna Gonzalez, Newborn Nursery
William Gonzalez, WC Heating/Cooling Plant
Florence Graziano, School of Social Welfare
Sue Guglielmo, Cardiovascular ICU Level 4
Michael Gurvitch, Physics and Astronomy
Christina Haberstroh, UH Union
Agnes Haran, Research Administration
Helen Harrison, Art
Walter Hellmich, Supply Chain Administration
Rickie Hendrickson, Sign Shop
Mark Henry, Emergency Medicine
Susan Hogan, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic
Deon Holland, Pharmacy
Carolyn Huggins, Electrical Engineering
Patricia Jacobs, Dental Care Center
Pernille Jensen, Physics and Astronomy
Catherine Jones, Clinical Practice Management Plan
Chang Kee Jung, Physics and Astronomy
Sanjay Kapur, System Support Services
Kevin Kelly, Faculty Student Association
Lisa Kelly, Pediatric Chemotherapy Clinic
Sarah Kempster, Nursing Administration
Lucy Kenny, Office of Planning
Dorothy Klevanosky, Procurement
Donna Klingel, Faculty Student Association
Pamela Kostic, Clinical Support/Cardiovascular Services
Eva Kraics, Patient Accounting
Allan Kucine, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Deborah Kuhn, SICU 18 South
Mary LaCorte, Procurement
Theresa Leonbruno, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Marci Lobel, Psychology
Cheryl Lockel, Surgical Telemetry 18 North
John Lutterbie, Theater Arts
Bertram Mack, Pharmacy
Barbara Magnussen, Admitting, Pre-Registration
Marlene Marmol, Non-Invasive Cardiology
Ana Mascia, Coram Health Center
Sylvester McCabe, System Support Services
Inge McCormack, Health Information Management
Annette Elaine McDonald-Walker, Hospital Custodial Services
Salian McMillan-Gray, Operating Room
Jennifer McSweeney, Per Diem Nursing
Louise Melious, Mail Services
Donna Meltzer, Family Medicine
Catherine Messina, Preventive Medicine
Pamela Minett, Nurse Practitioners
Kerri Miranda, Patient Accounting
Joan Miyazaki, Undergraduate Biology
Mark Montgomery, Economics
Joann Mugavero, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Noreen Murphy, 16S Cardiothoracic Intermediate Care
Lynn Murro, 13N Neurology
Dennis Mynarcik, Chairman’s Office, Medicine
Sharon Nachman, Pediatrics
Christine Northam-Schuhmacher, Continuous Quality Improvement
Mary O’Brien, Dental Clinic
Maria Olson, University Police
Maureen O’Rourke, Hand Therapy
Janet Pedone, Family Medicine Division
Steven Pelkofski, Ambulatory Care Center
Janet Petters, Revenue Integrity
Deborah Phelan, Human Resource Services
Jeanmarie Piotrowski, Cancer Physician Administration
James Prudenti, Hospital Physical Plant Administration
Frederick Purdy, Emergency Medical Services
Elizabeth Ramos, Supply Management Services
Mary Ramsland, Bursar/Student Accounts
Thomas Rausch, Hospital Custodial Services
Lori Repetti, Linguistics
Sylvia Rice, General Dentistry
Jose Rodriguez, Receiving and Courier Services
Eileen Rosario, SICU 18 South
Deborah Marie Rotondo, UH Union
Sheila Routh, Research Administration
Ian Roxborough, Sociology
Gregory Rudomen, Biochemistry
Joan Samuels, Employee Health
Patricia Schmitt, Labor and Delivery Services
Christine Schortemeyer, Laundry
Eric Schubert, Operations Administration
Roxanne Scudiere, Unit 1C
Colleen Scully, Purchasing
Edward Shuryak, Physics and Astronomy
Marcia Simon, Oral Biology and Pathology
Cynthia Smith, HSC Student Service Administration
David Smith, Procurement
Pamela Stone-Campbell, General Medicine Clinic
Stephen Sullivan, General Library Public Service
Raveesh Talanki, Biomedical Engineering
Gordon Taylor, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Traci Thompson, Health Technology and Management
Marie Titone, Procurement
Marcia Tonnesen, Dermatology
Karen Townsend, Electrophysiology Lab
Mary Truhlar, School of Dental Medicine
Connie Vail, Emergency Department
Linda Vales, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Joan Vanetten, Financial Aid Office
Nancy Verderosa, General Library Public Service
Kathleen Vernon, Hispanic Languages
Grace Walker, Motility Center
Marie Wernicki, Dental Clinic
Andrew White, Office, Dean of Medicine
Terry White, Operations Administration
Pedro Williams, Respiratory Therapy
Christine Wilson, Procurement
Kathleen Wilson, History
Karen Wolfer, Supply Management Services
Sandra Wong, Hospital Chemistry
Catherine Zahra, Supply Chain Administration
Deborah Zelizer, BS/HS Program

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