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Five Stony Brook Students Win Prestigious NSF-GRFP Fellowships

Kiran Eiden
Kiran Eiden

Kiran Eiden

Hometown: Clarence, NY
Academic Department: Physics and Astronomy
Research Advisors: Michael Zingale, Jeffrey Heinz

Eiden works with the nuclear astrophysics group at Stony Brook on simulating phenomena relating to stars and stellar remnants. Most of his research to date has focused on Type I X-ray bursts, which are thermonuclear explosions on the surfaces of neutron stars. Developing a more complete understanding of X-ray bursts and their neutron star hosts would have implications for astrophysics, nuclear physics, and particle physics. The frameworks and techniques developed for astrophysics simulations can also find applications in other branches of computational science, including those concerned with combustion engines, cosmological evolution, and fluctuating hydrodynamics.

Eiden is also the recipient of a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (Spring 2020), a Department of Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Research Award (Fall 2019), and an Undergraduate Recognition Award for Academic Excellence (Spring 2019).

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