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Beyond the Expected Podcast: The Coronavirus Effect

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Provost Michael Bernstein with Sharon Nachman, Stacey Finkelstein and Nancy Tomes

Beyond the expectedIn a special edition of Stony Brook University’s Beyond The Expected podcast, Michael Bernstein has gathered the diverse expertise of three Stony Brook University faculty who can discuss many of the different impacts our campus community is feeling related to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. The panel will discuss all angles of The Coronavirus Effect, from health and wellness, clinical, economic, and an historical perspective. It will also address what COVID-19 means to us at this moment in time; and how we can thrive through this trying pandemic turned public health crisis.

The panel includes Stony Brook University experts who will address various Coronavirus touchpoints in a discussion with host, Michael Bernstein.

  • Stacey Finkelstein, associate professor of Business, joins this podcast remotely from her home in the New York State designated COVID-19 containment zone in New Rochelle, NY. She will address the Coronavirus effect and impact of panic on consumer purchasing decisions and purchasing trends.

  • Sharon Nachman MD, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, will address the curious manifestation of this influenza-like illness and its public health implications.

  • Nancy Tomes, PhD, professor of history, joins this podcast to share her expertise on the history of Pandemics and American healthcare, and where the 2019 Novel Coronavirus stands from an historic perspective.

The podcast originally aired on Facebook Live on Friday, March 13, 2020.

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  • Thank you for this podcast. I am relatively new to using podcasts as reliable and compelling sources of information. Even viewing it 6 days later, it was still very relevant if not absolutely current

    I read a fair amount of American history and now am particularly interested in the social response to the Spanish flu then, and what we can learn from it.

    Jonathan Potkin
    Class of 69

    P.s. I may not have had a stellar career but I certainly have had a very good undergraduate education (and truth be told, courtesy in part to a Regents scholarship and the taxpayers of New York) I am proud to be a Stony Brook grad

    Best to everyone, faculty, students and staff during these challenging times. Keep up the good work

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