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Consider Giving to the 2014 Stony Brook Cares/SEFA United Way Campaign


sefa50Stony Brook University has a long history of giving back to the community. Last year we raised nearly $150,000 to help our neighbors in need through the SEFA United Way campaign, and this year we are striving to do even better.

Stony Brook Cares provides a unique opportunity for faculty and staff to help affiliated charities and human services agencies in the community. Many local services rely on these funds to sustain their operations. These agencies help the elderly, provide childcare, assist the disabled and provide critical support for families.

Contributions to Stony Brook Cares may be directed to specific agencies including several on campus. This year you can give to four new Stony Brook affiliates — General Scholarship Fund, Children’s Hospital Fund, U.S. Military Personnel Scholarship Fund and the Hardship Fund — in addition to the other campus affiliates: Stony Brook Child Care Services, Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, University Hospital Auxiliary, Charles Thide Foundation and Literacy Suffolk (Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc.). Alternatively, you may allow your undesignated gifts to be distributed through local SEFA and United Way committees.

Please help reinforce that Stony Brook University is committed to helping its neighbors. To learn more about the Stony Brook Cares/SEFA United Way campaign visit

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