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Teacher Receives Grant to Promote Diversity at SB Child Care

Josefina salguero
Josefina Salguero was awarded a grant to increase awareness of diversity at Stony Brook Child Care.
Josefina Salguero

Josefina Gallardo Salguero, a lead preschool teacher at Stony Brook Child Care Services, has been awarded a mini grant from the New York State Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC) mini grant.

Salguero received the funding for the project “All About Me, All About You,” which will help build tolerance and acceptance in the preschool classroom environment. Children will be engaged in a variety of activities that will help expand their knowledge of diversity, build on self-awareness and foster social tolerance. With activities that touch on various curriculum areas such as dramatic play, social studies, technology and literacy, children will be engaged in open-ended discussions about diversity in families. The children will also learn to have a better understanding of their emotions as well as their peers’ emotions.

“We have a diverse population in our center, including a variety of family structures,” said Salguero. “These discussions and activities will support the diversity in our classroom. ​O​ur goal is to ensure a peaceful classroom where children are free to engage in thought-provoking conversations. Building an environment where diversity and acceptance is at the forefront of education is key.”

Salguero has been a member of the Suffolk AEYC since 2013. She was the group’s vice president for the past year and previously co-chair of the Accreditation Committee.She also celebrates 20 years of service with Stony Brook Child Care.

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