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March Madness with a Twist — Vote Now for SBU

Stat madness

STAT MadnessA Stony Brook Medicine research team is competing against Weill Cornell Medicine in STAT Madness, a bracket-style contest to find the best innovation in science and medicine from the top research institutions in the country.

Each team submitted innovative research that was published in a peer-reviewed journal last year, and there are now 32 teams left in the competition.

SBU’s competing team is from the Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative BiologyAlberto Perez, Joseph A. MorroneEmiliano Brini, and Ken A. Dill — authored “Blind protein structure prediction using accelerated free-energy simulations,” which was published in the November 11, 2016, edition of the AAAS publication, Science Advances. This team is developing a new method for predicting the structure of proteins.

Help SBU make it to the final four of science!

Vote now for Stony Brook

Voting rounds will be held weekly until there is a winner: the people’s champion will be determined by your votes, and STAT journalists will pick their own winner as well. Both will be announced on April 3.

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