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SB Scientists Pinpoint North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site

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wen1Since May 25, 2009, when North Korea announced that it conducted a second nuclear test, the exact location of the test site has remained elusive to international organizations, federal agencies, military, and the scientific community, until now.

A new study from Stony Brook, performed by Lianxing Wen, Professor of Geophysics, and graduate student Hui Long in the Department of Geosciences, has pinpointed the test site with a geographic precision of just 140 meters, which has never been done before in the scientific community. The precision from the U.S. Geological Survey, which was the best result being used by the National Nuclear Security Administration, is 7.6 kilometers.

The study reaches the precision with by utilizing the scientific forensic evidence registered by North Korea’s 2006 nuclear test and it provides a new method for high-precision monitoring of nuclear tests in the future.

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