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Parise Pursues Fulbright in Edinburgh

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PariseProfessor John Parise from the Department of Geosciences has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Distinguished Scholar Award for 2009-2010, which will allow him to pursue the synthesis of novel materials at high pressure in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.

Parise, co-director of the Joint Photon Science Institute at Brookhaven National Laboratory, will collaborate with a group led by Professor Paul Attfield, Leverhulme Professor and director of the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC). The CSEC is a multidisciplinary program that draws upon expertise in the departments of physics, chemistry, materials science, and geosciences. Its mission is to discover new materials and methodologies for working at the extremes of pressure, temperature, and magnetic and electrical fields.

Parise’s expertise in the synthesis and characterization of precursor compounds will fit well with Edinburgh’s expertise in crystallography. Together the Stony Brook and Edinburgh groups will attempt to discover high-pressure routes to novel functional materials that cannot be obtained using the more common room pressure synthetic techniques.

Parise has been a faculty member at Stony Brook since 1989. His research in mineralogy and solid-state chemistry has focused on the synthesis and structural characterization of novel solids that have applications in a range of fields, including environmental cleanup, energy storage and conversion, and mineral physics.  He has pioneered studies of materials properties at high pressure, including the structure of solids in the deep Earth. Parise has a long record of research and development experience at neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering facilities throughout the world.

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