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LA Times Feature Hails Chang Kee Jung, T2K Experiments

Jung 1
Chang Kee Jung
Chang Kee Jung

Stony Brook’s Chang Kee Jung is highlighted in a July 24 Los Angeles Times news story describing recent breakthroughs in particle physics achieved via the international T2K collaboration.

The T2K experiments aim to deepen our understanding of the physical universe through the study of elementary particles called neutrinos. Jung is a professor of physics at Stony Brook University and a team leader for the revolutionary experiments, which entail shooting high-energy pulses of particles from an accelerator on Japan’s east coast to a detector 185 miles away on the west coast.

Results reported last week revealed neutrinos changing from one “flavor” to another, a phenomenon which could prove critical to understanding the role of antimatter in the origin of the cosmos.

“Now I see the path, I see the journey to get to this Holy Grail,” Jung told the Times.

Read the Los Angeles Times story here.

Read Stony Brook’s press release here.

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