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Computer Science Professor’s NSF Grant Will Help Improve Mobile Web Performance

Aruna Balasubramanian
Aruna Balasubramanian’s research focuses on improving mobile applications.

Aruna Balasubramanian, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook, has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant for her research, “CRII: NeTS: Making Sense of Mobile Web Page Performance.”

Balasubramanian works in the area of networked systems, specifically on problems related to mobile networks and mobile systems. She co-leads the Networking Research Group at Stony Brook. Her research focuses on improving the power and performance of mobile applications.

For many users, mobile phones are the only “computer” that they own, so mobile web pages are becoming the primary portal for content. However, loading a web page on a mobile phone is exceedingly slow. There have been several optimizations designed to speed up web pages, but an optimization that speeds up one page can slow down another page.

“One of the goals of this project is to shed light on why web pages load slower on the phone as compared to a desktop,” said Balasubramanian. “The project will use this bottleneck analysis to design algorithms, techniques and tools to accurately estimate if any given optimization will help or further slow down the page load time. The end goal of the project is a comprehensive analysis framework called ProfX that will help web developers, network providers, browser vendors and researchers design and choose the right set of optimizations to significantly speed up the mobile web.”

The techniques developed in this project will be more broadly applicable to studying other mobile applications such as video.

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