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Annual Awards Ceremony Highlights Stellar Service

Photo service awards
President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, with the 40-year and 45-year honorees who were in attendance at this year’s Service Awards. From left to right: Sardar Khan (40), Sherry Chang (45), Sanford Simon (45), President Stanley, Eckard Wimmer (40) and Charles Iden (40).

Laughter and conversation recently filled the Student Activities Center ballroom as more than 200 University employees gathered for a luncheon in their honor at the annual Service Awards. The luncheon celebrated those employees marking 25 years or more of service to the University.

The banquet and award ceremony for those celebrating 25-, 30-, 35-, 40-, 45- and 50-year milestones included a recognition ceremony and an elegant luncheon in the ballroom.

Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, expressed his gratitude at the dedication, unique talents and contributions of everyone who helped shape Stony Brook throughout the years. With historical references and humor, he put everyone in a festive spirit.

“Over the past 58 years the University has made extraordinary strides in healthcare, research, education, scholarship and economic impact on the region. You’ve all been part of this amazing journey. Every day that you’re on the job, you’re part of history. So be proud of yourselves and your accomplishments — I know I am. Every one of you has my admiration and thanks for your hard work over the years,” said President Stanley as he began the recognition ceremony.

He asked the 25-, 30- and 35-year honorees to stand first so they could be recognized and applauded for their service. Then he individually recognized 7 of the 21 senior honorees who were in attendance, praising their 40-, 45- and 50-years of service. Each senior honoree was introduced and brought up to the podium to say a few words about their remarkable accomplishments. Their individual memories helped to paint a vivid picture of life at Stony Brook.

A total of 369 people achieved recognized levels of service in 2014: 188 celebrated 25 years, 96 reached 30 years, 64 reached 35 years, 14 reached 40 years, five reached 45 years, and two — Distinguished Professor Marvin Goldfried, Psychology, and Distinguished Teaching and Distinguished Service Professor Norman Goodman, Sociology — are at 50 years and still going strong. Attendees at the event wore ribbons displaying their years of service.

“The event was a beautiful celebration honoring our dedicated employees who make the University and Hospital such great places to work,” said Director of Conferences and Special Events Diana Hannan.

50-year honorees, Distinguished Professor Marvin Goldfried, Psychology (left) and Distinguished Teaching Professor and Distinguished Service Professor Norman Goodman, Sociology.

The 2014 Service Award Honorees

Marvin R. Goldfried, Psychology
Norman Goodman, Sociology

Sherry Chang, University Libraries
William S. Dawes, Economics
Jeffrey W. Shook, Chemistry
Kenneth L. Short, Electrical Engineering
Sanford R. Simon, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Mark H. Aronoff, Linguistics
Kenneth J. Baldwin, Mineral Physics Institute
Moises Eisenberg, Pharmacology
Stephen J. Finch, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Charles Franco, European Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Kathleen T. Gebhart, Media Services
Vincent J. Iacono, Periodontology and Implantology
Charles R. Iden, Pharmacology
Lowell Jones, Mathematics
Sardar A. Khan, Urology
Thomas J. Muench, Economics
John W. Noe, Physics and Astronomy
Daria Semegen, Music
Eckard A. Wimmer, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Kathleen A. Albin, School of Social Welfare
Mary E. Angell, Neonatal ICU
Leonard A. Arbeit, Medicine
Marie A. Badalamente, Orthopaedics
David A. Baker, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Lucille Betti-Nash, Anatomical Sciences
Robert C. Butz, Physiology and Biophysics
John B. Cabot, Neurobiology and Behavior
Stuart Campbell, System Support Services
Mario Cantone, WCPP Building Maintenance
Elaine Castelli, Hematology
Chris Clausen, Physiology and Biophysics
Kathleen Culver, Nurse Practitioners
Diana Davies, HSC Library
Joy A. Dowd-Kehoe, Continuing Day Treatment Program
Peter C. Durcan, Telecommunication
Steven Everest, Campus Operations and Maintenance
Candyce Fahner, Neonatal ICU
Patricia George, Radiology
Berhane Ghebrehiwet, Medicine
Janet Guarini, Health Information Management
Clara Hernandez-Franck, Central Services and Supplies
Lawrence C. Hurst, Orthopaedics
Debra K. Ivans, Applications Development
William L. Jungers Jr., Anatomical Sciences
Robert W. Kijik, Project Office
Betty J. Knittweis, Computer Science
Nicholas Koridis, Facilities Services Administration
Helen M. Kurtzke, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Maria R. Lagade, Anesthesiology
Ned C. Landsman, History
James M. Lattimer, Physics and Astronomy
Blaine Lawson Jr., Mathematics
Hsi-Ming Lee, Oral Biology and Pathology
William J. Liebegott, WC Custodial Services
Cynthia Lombardo, Admitting Inpatient ED Registrar
Gary J. Marker, History
Lucille Meci, Mathematics
Karen J. Mendelsohn, School of Health Technology and Management
Faith F. Merrick, Human Resources
Helmut Norpoth, Political Science
Margaret P. O’Reilly, Dental Care Center
Charles E. Pancake, Physics and Astronomy
Denise M. Pianforte, Student Services Administration, HSC
Joav M. Prives, Pharmacology
Laurie E. Rafkin, Executive Administration
James H. Rubin, Art
Carolyn Santora, Legal Liaison Services
Mary I. Scranton, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Ronnie Shapiro, Technology Park Facilities
Robert E. Shrock, Institute for Theoretical Physics
Kathleen C. Shurpin, School of Nursing
Sheila J. Silver, Music
Francina Singh, Healthcare Epidemiology
Joseph F. Smolski, Outpatient Billing
John Soranno, Receiving and Courier Services
Lynn Sutherland, 19N Medical Oncology
Robert V. Swan, University Police
Frances M. Tanzella, Nurse Practitioners
John A. Tuominen, Electroencephalography
Susan Van Horn, School of Medicine
Wayne C. Waltzer, Urology
Laura E. Werkheiser, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
Betty-Jean Wrase, School of Social Welfare

Karen A. Allard, School of Nursing
Janet Allgaier, Clinical Practice Management Plan
Patrick Ambroise, Supply Management Services
Katherine M. Askinazi, Pediatrics
W.W. Backus, Anesthesiology
Sugata Bagchi, Electroencephalography
Glenn Bancke, Materials Science and Engineering
Ann L. Berrios, Africana Studies
Lorraine Berry, Human Resource Services
Martyn W. Burk, Surgery
Louis Caramante, O.R. Perfusionists
Debra R. Cascio, Respiratory Therapy
Maureen T. Cataldo, Advanced Practice Nursing
Linda A. Catanese, HSC Library
Denise M. Clavin, Information Security
Don Paulinus Codipilly, Oral Biology and Pathology
Christopher J. Coffey, WCPP HVAC
Deborah Coleman, 17 North-Surgical Oncology Step Down
Cornelia Creel, Cataloging Department Library
Deborah Deierlein, Nurse Practitioners
Helen Delillo, Central Services and Supplies
Carol B. Della Ratta, School of Nursing
Harbans S. Dhadwal, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Michael Dudley, Materials Science and Engineering
Jane A. Ely, Sociology
Linda Erickson, Radiology
Jean M. Forster, Surgery Clinic
Ian A. Glaser, Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry
Sarahjeanne Goldstein, Nursing Office
Birgit Grosse-Middeldorf Viola, European Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Richard M. Hall, WCPP HVAC
James R. Hassett, Clinical Support/Medical-Surgical Services
Erica J. Holland, Burn Center
John C. Hughes, Operations Administration
Anthony Intelisano, Operating Room
Theresa A. Intini, Human Resource Services
Hortence Johns-Harris, Antepartum In-Patient Unit
Joseph J. Kelly, Hospital-Grounds Maintenance
Michael Kifer, Computer Science
Peter G. Kissel, Microbiology
Anne M. Klassert, Nurse Practitioners
Samuel B. Kornhauser, Athletics
Brooke Larson, History
Richard Lefferts, Physics and Astronomy
Karen D. Lehner, Hospital Custodial Services
Laurie J. Leverich, Pharmacy
Joel M. Levine, Neurobiology and Behavior
Michael Luongo, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Antonietta Lynch, Advanced Practice Nursing
Rosemary A. Mahan, Nurse Practitioners
Eufemia C. Marte, WC Custodial Services
Mary Mladek, Ophthalmology
Cassandra R. Moore-Woodson, Human Resources
Sachiko Murata, Asian and Asian-American Studies
Mark Murphy, Transportation and Parking
John J. Murray, Electrical Engineering
Lawrence Nicholaides, WCPP HVAC
Sheila J. Nugent, Operating Room
Geoffrey T. O’Connell, Social Work Service-Ambulatory Care
Tammy Palmer, Budget and Cost/Fiscal Services
Aniko V. Paul, Microbiology
Kathleen Perilli, Health Information Management
Maureen A. Rardin, Newborn Nursery
Sheldon J. Reaven, Technology and Society
Herman Rivera, Radiology Diagnostic
Elizabeth Roemer, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Robin Sabatello, Respiratory Therapy
Linda Saliba, Specimen Receiving
Steven Sampson, Orthopaedics
Julia Scheuermann, Anesthesiology
Willa J. Schultz, WC Heating/Cooling Plant
Judith L. Schwartz, Social Services
Vanessa C. Scott, Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
Kevin Seely, Radiation Oncology
Arthur M. Shertzer, United University Professions
Mary Ann Short, Professional Education Program
Eugene W. Stark, Computer Science
Judith M. Stefano, Patient Safety, HSC
Joan Steinberg, Hematology
John J. Stewart, Psychiatric Acute
Gwendolyn Stretch, Family Medicine
Lorraine Surrusco, Hematology
Louise Thornton, Cashiering
Jeffrey S. Trilling, Family Medicine
Catherine M. Tuppo, Surgery Clinic
Patricia Veltri, Anesthesiology
Lori A. Walsh, Risk Management
Yvonne Walsh, Environmental Health and Safety
Robert J. Wasnick, Urology
Mary A. Wehrli, System Support Services
Susan J. Weick, 15N Medicine
Kathleen A. Werther, Clinical Nutrition
Mark H.  Wiggins, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
David R. Williams, Respiratory Therapy
Cathy A. Wirtenson, Pediatric Acute 11 North
Margaret Woody, CPMP

Visamma Abraham, Non-Invasive Cardiology
Linden A. Adams, FSA, Hospital
Nuggehalli Ajitanand, Chemistry
Gloria J. Alomar, 14S Orthopedics
Michael Altshuller, Information Systems
Kathryn M. Ardizzone, Pharmacy
Janet Argentieri, Dental Care Center
Michael Bahr, Campus Operations and Maintenance
Nancy A. Balkon, School of Nursing
Behzad Barzideh, Telecommunications and Networking
Alba Beltran, Procurement
Richard Berscak, Physics and Astronomy
Jean E. Bieselin, Psychology
Thomas V. Bilfinger, Surgery
Merwyn L. Borden Jr., Help Desk
Tracey A. Braile, College of Arts and Sciences
Lisa A. Bravo, Per Diem Nursing
Susan K. Bronson, Andrology Laboratory
Maureen A. Brown, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Bruce Brownawell, Environmental Studies
Antonia Brucculeri, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Pamela Burger, Dental Clinic
Bushra R. Butt, General Library Public Service
Terry M. Button, Radiology
Sunday J. Campolo-Athans, Nurse Practitioners
Louis Caronia, CT Scanner
Rafael H. Cepeda, University Police
Doreen M. Cestare, Plasmapheresis
Cheng-Ling Chu, Human Resource Services
Wendy Ciaravino, Accounting Services
Linda Cimino, Anesthesiology
Lisa M. Clark, Nurse Practitioners
Thomas J. Clark, University Police
Jacquelyn Coady, Reimbursement and Analysis
Virginia A. Coletti, School of Nursing
Anna Marie Cortes, FSA, Hospital
Ann Courtney, Nurse Practitioners
Colleen A. Cullen, Finance/Business Office
Constant Dambreville, Psychiatric Acute
Randi E. Daponte, Regional Perinatal Center
Lynn Davis, Campus Card
George DeCamp, Pharmacy
Brigitte Demes, Anatomical Sciences
Anthony M. Depaolo, ECPP Plumbing
Lissette Diaz, Hospital Chemistry
Thomas Dixon, Physical Therapy Services
Karen Duffy, Radiation Oncology
Scott A. Eckert, University Police
Raafat El-Maghrabi, Physiology and Biophysics
Diane E. Englot, General Library Public Service
Joseph Esposito, Operations Administration
Doris Fehrenbach, Admitting-Financial Services
Eugene A. Feinberg, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Stanley Feldman, Political Science
Epifania Maria Fernandez, WC Custodial Services
Darinda Field, Reimbursement and Analysis
Michael A. Finn, Respiratory Therapy
Maureen Flynn, Budget Office
Nancy J. Franklin, Psychology
Nora M. Geiser, Antepartum In-Patient Unit
Marvin A. Geller, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Daisy Genao, Operations Administration
Lisa A. Genzano, Neonatal ICU
John Peter Gergen, Biochemistry
Candace Golightly, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Kathleen E. Gorman, Clinical Education
James B. Goss, Radiology Diagnostic
Judith E. Gregory, Facilities Design and Construction
John A. Griffiths, West Utilities and Energy
Denise Grimm, 15N Medicine
James Guarino, Transportation and Parking
Deborah Guidice, Pediatric Chemotherapy Clinic
Constance M. Hall, Healthcare Teleservices
Stanford N. Halvorson, EC Heating/Cooling Plant
David Hendrickson, Hospital Cabinet Shop
Lori A. Hession, AICU
Yuqun Hong, Surgery
Annette Huemmer, Psychiatry
Shari J. Hymowitz, Dental Care Center
Anthony Indelicato, Radiology Administration
Gayle Jarva, Orthopaedics
Indralatha Jayatilaka, Microbiology
Michael A. Joachim, Operations Administration
Pearl D. Johnson, Obstetric Acute
Dana K. Jorgensen-Cobe, Newborn Nursery
Susan H. Kass, Budget and Cost/Fiscal Services
Jennifer A. Katapodis, Per Diem Nursing
Voula Katsis, WC Custodial Services
Dorit H. Kaufman, Professional Education Program
Virginia Keegan, Patient Accounting
Francis M. Kelly, Operations Administration
Donna M. Koliner, 14S Orthopaedics
Randi Kolsch, CPMP
Vladimir E. Korepin, Institute for Theoretical Physics
Dorothy M. Kozlowski, Labor and Delivery Services
Bruce T. Kube, Hematology
Carolyn Kube, Pathology
Yvonne Kwok-Lin, Nurse Practitioners
William Lacascia, Procurement
Eleanor M. Lane, Operating Room
Joseph Lapietra, Long Island State Veterans Home
Richard K. Larson, Linguistics
Janet Lavelle, Medicine
Laurie D. Levine, Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
Rolinda Lewis, Neonatal ICU
Andrzej R. Lipski, Physics and Astronomy
Anna Lobrutto, 16S Cardiothoracic Intermediate Care
Frank P. Lombardi, EC HVAC
Manuel London, College of Business
Daniel Lozano, Hospital Architectural Services
Min-Huei Lu, General Library Public Service
Saly Luke, Respiratory Therapy
Patricia Malone, Economic Development
Patricia Marsicano, School of Medicine
Janet M. Masino, Pre-Surgical Admissions
Stefanie Massucci, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Charles K. Mazzarese, Radiology ACP
Laura McCaffery, Cardiac Catherization Lab, Holding Area
Catherine McCarron, Operating Room
Eugene Merschoff, Hospital Construction
Robert Meyn, Purchasing
Laszlo Mihaly, Physics and Astronomy
Mary A. Miller, Technology and Society
Glenda H. Mitchell, Student Services Administration, HSC
Charles Montalbano Jr., Hospital-Grounds Maintenance
Philip A. Morales, University Police
April P. Morgan, Admitting-Outpatient Registrar
Kenneth Nelson, Operations Administration
Juan C. Nieto, University Police
Jean Marie O’Donnell, Hospital Chemistry
Donna O’Shaughnessy, Procurement
Kenneth O’Sullivan, Immunology
Lucila D. Oula, Andrology Laboratory
John B. Parise, Geosciences
Kissoonmattie Parsan, Human Resources
Violet Payne, Finance, Hospital
Debra A. Pelio, Professional Education Program
Australia Pena, Operations Administration
Maria A. Perna, 19N Medical Oncology
Michael J. Quirk, Cardiovascular ICU, Level 4
Nancy J. Reid, Mail Services
Timothy Riley, Budget and Cost/Fiscal Services
Charles Robbins, Undergraduate Affairs
Rosita Rodriguez, WC Custodial Services
Victoriano Roncero-Lopez, Hispanic Languages
Carol A. Ross, Outpatient Labor and Delivery
Ramona Rumph, University Police
Tracy A. Sabo, General Accounting
Frank Schaefer, Operations Administration
Yvette Schmitt, Electrocardiography
Martin A.A. Schoonen, Geosciences
Peter N. Schubert, Supply Management Services
Henry C. Schwatzman, Emergency Medical Services
Beverly Segarra, Radiology ACP
James Serignese, Supply Chain Administration
Catherine Silberstein, Emergency Medicine
Lisa R. Skowron, Employee Health Service
Abe Smith, Facilities Design and Construction
Jeannine R. Smith, Medical Services
Gina Soto, Recovery Room, AICU
Eric Spitzer, Pathology
John W. Stankaitis, University Police
Theresa L. Stavola, Nurse Practitioners
Ralph C. Stears Jr., University Police
Timmie E. Stephens, Operations Administration
Lisa Strano-Paul, Medicine
Todd Stumpf, University Police
Scott Sutherland, Mathematics
Susan Sylvester, School of Medicine
Charles S. Taber, Graduate School
Anne E. Tacopina, Cardiac Catherization Lab, Holding Area
David A. Taiclet, Enrollment Management
Rodina H. Taylor-Thomas, Healthcare Teleservices
Ruth Tenzler, Infectious Diseases
Robin E. Tobias, Operating Room
Maria Treschl, Operations Administration
Andrea Trezza-Vadjinia, School of Social Welfare
Gail M. Tumbarello, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Lynn Turner-Bruschi, RN Float Pool
Glenn Valentine, Respiratory Therapy
Michael T. Vaughan, Mineral Physics Institute
Dawn Marie Virostko, Operating Room
Laurie A. Wallace, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Susanne Walsh, University Communications
Frederick M. Walter, Physics and Astronomy
Daniel A. Weymouth, Music
Karen M. Wiederkehr, Endoscopy
Camille B. Wortman, Psychology

By Shelley Catalano

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