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Kathleen Byington Issues Message on Student Accounts

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Kathleen Byington, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, has issued a message to Stony Brook students and families concerning credit adjustments to student accounts. The message reads as follows:

Coronavirus UpdateThe University has been working diligently to quickly address the financial impacts of the transition to living and learning away from campus. In doing so we have been sure to track with the federal guidance on how credits and refunds could impact financial aid to determine and prorate the fee totals for services that are not being utilized due to distance learning adjustments.  At this time, the University is prepared to move forward with credit adjustments to student accounts as well as processing all applicable refunds depending on student preference. (In anticipation of a refund, we encourage you to sign up for Direct Deposit.)

The process of applying the credits to student accounts will take eight to ten business days. During the adjustment process your spring 2020 Student Account Information will be temporarily hidden. This is a necessary step while adjustments to housing, dining, and other specific fees are processed and finalized.  When adjustments are complete an email notification will be sent to your account indicating that the account activity and itemized “What Do I Owe” page for Spring 2020 has been made available.

Registration for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 classes will not be impacted by this process.

Please be advised that if you have taken loans for the Spring 2020 semester you can reduce your loans by some or all of the amount of any resulting credit related to housing, dining and other specific fees.  When your account is made visible, you can contact the Financial Aid Office at or Student Accounts at for more information.

We recognize that this is a challenging time and we appreciate your patience.  Additional information on the fees being refunded can be found on the Bursar FAQ webpage at

All of us at Stony Brook University are committed to helping you be safe and successful during this time of unprecedented disruption.



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