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Faculty and Staff Vaccination Eligibility and Distribution Update

Coming Back Safe and StrongHuman Resource Services has issued an update regarding the COVID-19 Vaccination Program for all faculty and staff. The message reads as follows:

As of Monday, January 11, the State of New York has announced that individuals deemed eligible for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in Phase 1b may prepare to schedule their vaccination appointments when supplies become available. This next group of eligible people includes a wide range of essential frontline workers, such as teachers, first responders, public safety and mass transit workers, as well as New Yorkers aged 75 and older.

We are excited that this second phase of New York State’s vaccine eligibility – Phase 1b – now also includes college instructors of in-person classes and student teachers in K through 12 placements. In both cases, eligible individuals will need to attest and provide proof that they are teaching an in-person class. We are developing a process over the next couple of days to identify and provide documentation for those who are teaching in person. We will share more information with eligible individuals when that process has been developed.

Many people, understandably, have questions about when they will be able to get the vaccination. Last week, we shared a comprehensive overview of the Stony Brook Medicine (SBM) COVID-19 Vaccination Program, providing details on this major stride in our battle against the virus, including who had received the first doses of the vaccine, when and why. As we continue to keep you updated on this evolving situation, here is what you should know about what’s happening right now on the COVID vaccination front, with more details to come as soon as we receive them.

When Phase 1b Individuals Will Get Their Vaccines

Although Phase 1b of vaccine eligibility was set to begin January 11, hospitals across New York State have been directed to continue to prioritize eligible Phase 1a workers. In other words, vaccine supplies will first be used to vaccinate eligible Phase 1a workers who have not yet received a first dose, and to complete the required second dose for those hospital workers and local community workers who are at the highest risk of transmitting or becoming infected with COVID-19.

As of right now:

●      Stony Brook University Hospital administered the remainder of its initial COVID-19 vaccine allotment on Friday, January 8. The Hospital also began distributing its second allotment of the vaccine earlier that week.

●      Stony Brook still has eligible Phase 1a workers who have not yet received their vaccine.

●      We do not yet have a shipment of vaccines for Phase 1b individuals and are waiting for the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to communicate timing, which depends on availability and distribution of vaccines.

●      We will update you when the shipment of vaccines arrives, and provide further instructions for those who are eligible in Phase 1b.

●      A designated NYSDOH point of distribution (POD) is being planned for a site on campus, where the vaccine will be administered to those eligible to receive it in Phase 1b. The site will be announced in a future communication.

●      Our New York State partners have announced that it could take at least 14 weeks to vaccinate all individuals eligible in Phases 1a and 1b.

As soon as we have more information on timing, we will let you know.

Where to Get More Eligibility Information and Sign Up for an Appointment

We have just updated the Stony Brook Medicine Information About Coronavirus web page with the latest information on our Vaccine Program and with links to relevant NYSDOH sites:

●      To find out if you’re eligible and where to get the vaccine, visit the New York State Department of Health Eligibility website.

●      For more information on vaccines – ‘What You Need to Know’ – click here.

●      To check on eligibility and sign up for an appointment, the public can visit

Individuals receiving the vaccine will need to attest, under penalty of law, that they are eligible.

Watch for Weekly Updates

Thank you again for your support and understanding as we move forward with protecting our campus and local community from COVID-19 through our Stony Brook Medicine Vaccination Program. Because information on vaccine eligibility is changing so quickly, we will be providing you with regular weekly updates to keep everyone up to speed on the latest developments as they occur. Stay well.

Lynn Johnson
Vice President, Human Resource Services
West Campus/HSC/SOM

Colette Brown
Chief Human Resources Officer
Stony Brook University Hospital

Denise Muscarella
Director of Human Resources
Long Island State Veterans Home

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