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HR Releases Update on Pooled Testing During Intersession

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Coming Back Safe and StrongHuman Resource Services has issued a message concerning pooled testing for COVID-19 during the Intersession. The message reads as follows:

Pooled COVID-19 testing continues in the SAC, HSC Galleria, and at Stony Brook Southampton during Intersession. Please check the testing website for the schedule during Intersession and use the SBU scheduler to schedule your appointment at one of the local Stony Brook campus locations.

Please note the following:

  • When registering for the test please provide a personal contact phone number that the HIL can use to reach you if you have a positive test result. Do not provide your work telephone number.
  • Because tests are sent to and analyzed by SUNY Upstate, you may receive an invitation to open a patient portal and schedule an appointment. These appointments are at Upstate in Syracuse, so PLEASE DISREGARD this invitation.
  • All SBU positive COVID results are managed confidentially through the Health Information Line (HIL) and the Suffolk County Department of Health. You will be notified of a positive test result from either of these entities. Because you will be contacted by SBU/DOH you do not need to input personal information in the Upstate MYCHART portal.

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