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Coming Back Safe and Strong Update (September 4, 2020)

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Some new information and good news to share. Enjoy the long holiday weekend.

Coning Back Safe and StrongThe Rec Center Is Open!
Back by popular demand, the Rec Center is now open for business, fitness and fun. For safety purposes and in accordance with New York State guidelines, there will be some changes (in workout hours, for example) and some special requirements (like wearing a face mask). Appointments are required — use this link to book your time. And click here for more information, including special events you may want to take part in, all holiday weekend and beyond … enjoy and Welcome Back Seawolves! We’ve missed you.

Contact Tracing — What It Is, How It Works, Why It’s So Important
With contact tracing a critical part of our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect every member of the campus community, we’ve developed a video that explains the process, and provides facts and insights you’ll want to know. View the video  and see the CDC’s Contact Tracing Steps Infographic, which describes “what you can expect to happen during contact tracing if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19.”

SBU Library: Still the Place for You and Me
Which University Libraries are open this fall? How do you check out books, renew books online, reach a librarian for help with research? Find the answers to these questions — and many more — on the Library Resources and Services FAQs page.

Testing, Mask Wearing, Parking … Check Out Our New Videos!

The Coming Back Safe and Strong Multimedia page is adding more videos by the day. Check out President Maurie McInnis getting tested for COVID-19. You’ll also see more mask-wearing role models around campus, new student commuter parking guidelines and, as previously mentioned, a video all about contact tracing.

Help Keep Us All Safe

      Wash your hands or use sanitizer when soap and water aren’t available.

      Try to always maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from other people.

      Wear a mask.

      Cover coughs and sneezes and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

      Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in your workplace every day.

      Try to avoid using other people’s phones, desks, offices, tools and equipment.

      Stay home if you’re sick.

Have an Idea? Need an Answer?

Visit our continuously updated return to the workplace FAQs on our Coming Back Safe and Strong website, or send your questions to

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  • Since the university reopened to students, cases of Covid-19 in Stony Brook Village and Setauket have risen to levels higher than ever seen even at the height of New York’s coronavirus peak in April: Newsday reports that over the past 7 days there have been 8 new cases in Stony Brook Village as well as 8 new cases in Setauket/East Setauket.

    Members of the Three Village community have made extraordinary sacrifices over the past six months to remain free of infection. I find it quite alarming that the university is requiring only a daily symptom questionnaire, rather than the twice weekly PCR testing that other institutions are requiring: it has long been known that students of typical college age can be infected with Covid-19 and be carriers of the disease without experiencing any symptoms whatsoever.

    The university, by requiring only a daily symptom report rather than twice weekly PCR testing, is leaving residents of the Three Village community at far greater risk of infection. Such negligence can cause lasting harm, but not limited to death, to Three Village residents.

    Please be aware that I have copied the above and expect an immediate response.

    • Rita: Not sure you are aware of what is going on with LI numbers. As the SUNY schools are reporting cases around the state, they are actually being associated with a student’s home address and not their campuses. (As reported in a Newsday story about this.) So those increases in the Stony Brook area are more than likely students fro SB who are away at colleges elsewhere in the state. Shady, isn’t it?!?

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