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Kidneys Built to Order?

The idea of growing organs for transplantation may sound like futuristic sci-fi, but Sandeep Mallipattu, MD, and his colleagues in the Renaissance School of Medicine are already on the case. Mallipattu’s lab in the...

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Pursuing the Big Ideas

Stony Brook students have embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, starting and growing their businesses while still in school. Here are a few current students and recent grads whose businesses are continuing to flourish...

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Student and Alumni Entrepreneurs

Ethan Doutney could be Indiana Jones’ doppelganger. On a chilly autumn day, the 6-foot-2-inch Doutney wears a wide-brimmed hat with a neck flap and neoprene waders. Climbing over the side of his mud-lined, no-frills 24...

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Q & A

Matthew Whelan, vice president for University enrollment strategy and relationship development, spoke to us about his commitment to student success and SBU’s mission to attract top students from around the world. WHAT...

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Research Fuels Regional Impact

Interim President Bernstein calls the University a major driver of economic development and vitality here on the Island. “All of our efforts contribute to our regional impact, which I’m excited to say now totals $7.23...

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Class Notes Spring 2020

1960s DIANE SCILLIA, PHD ’67 retired from teaching at Kent State University after 33 years. CHARLES SOLOMON, ESQ ’68 retired from the Manhattan State Supreme Court after 32 years. ROBERT DECOSTANZO ’69, ’73 authored The...

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Union Rising

When the Stony Brook Union opened on February 1, 1970, it was the first spot on campus students could truly call their own, the start of the “evolvement of a real community,” according to The Statesman. The Union...

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News & Notes

CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER NAMED Judith Clarke brings impressive credentials and experience to the role Underscoring Stony Brook University’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, Judith Brown Clarke, an award...

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Class Notes Winter 2018

1960s JAY ROSENBERG ’67 and WAQIDI FALICOFF ’69 reconnected 50 years after producing music together as students and completed a recording of their song “Heaven Release Her,” which is being considered for the 2017...

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President’s Letter

America’s economic pre-eminence is built on a history of scientific and technological breakthroughs, and the key role of higher education in driving innovation is indisputable. The discoveries that make us great rest in...

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