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25 Student-Athletes to Receive Undergraduate Awards

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SBAthleticslogoA total of 25 student-athletes will be receiving an Undergraduate Recognition Award from University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D. on Monday, April 26, at 7:00 pm in the Student Activities Center Auditorium. With only 100 of these awards given each year, it is quite an accomplishment that Stony Brook’s student-athletes are receiving 25 of them and were highlighted in each category: Athletics, Leadership, and Expanded Learning.

The student-athletes being honored include: Crista Cerrone, Victoria Kavitsky, and Alyssa Struzenberg, Softball; Gulce Dikecligil, Jeanette Gibbs, and Lindsey Gordon, Volleyball; Kirsten Jeter, Basketball; Jamie Carlson, Lacrosse; Deborah Aller and Marisa Viola, Soccer; Jayme Burns and Darcy Heuser, Swimming; Gayatri Krishnan, Tennis; Hayley Green, Holly Van Dalen, Lucy Van Dalen, Lisa Voltaire, Track/Cross Country; Michael Coulter, Football; Bryan Dougher, Basketball; Thomas Compitello and Kevin Crowley, Lacrosse; Diego Acero, Soccer; Nathan Fleshman, Swimming; Jonathan Epstein, Tennis; Alexander Felce, Track/Cross Country.

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